Biggirl story(Me and my friend's girl night out  

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8/10/2005 2:53 am

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Biggirl story(Me and my friend's girl night out

Well People I heard of friend's to the end but this is the pit's I asked her can I write down what happen and tell it to you peoples and he said yes can't you belive it?lmao!!!!

Well a girls night weekend was planned of us to get way and talk about our lives with left of it!but any way we rented the usually girl moves Waiting to exhale,Best man etc,etc,waiting on the other to come to my house to do the usually gossip I had no Idle it would be just the two of us just getting know each other in a very friendly way. as our lip touch and we I take off her clothes I can smell here perfume in the air it was the mst wonderful smell I kiss here breast nipple so nice and hard sticking out like two bullets kissing and nibbling on here body I could still here her moan in my ear I wanted her so bad but should I be ashamed to have such feeling so deep for her I craved her body so much,I work my way down until I got to here hot clunt box dripping wet from pre-cum I open and slid my two finger's in moving around and licking here clit she purred like a cat and open here leg wide and I kisses and lick the shape of here body like heaven I couldn't take it I want to taste her sweet juice I took my finger out lick the juiciest off and open here lip on here pussy and dive in I lick round teasing here with my tongue it drove her up the wall flick her clit making her jump a bit and suck on the peal tongue and lick until it's nice and hard I feel here pushing my head to here open her leg wider moaning like crazy I wanted her to cum I wanted to give her the biggest orgasm ever so suck and lick until I here Moan louder and more faster pace I keep going until she reach throb peck of a greatest orgasm ever.

Well we keep on going and some time we play game see who be out before the girl know on the door well from that day on I enjoy ever girls night out gathering......................

Talk about your friend to the end.......LOL


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