Popping me cherry ;-)  

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12/18/2005 5:01 am

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Popping me cherry ;-)

Two cups of tea and an hours blogging later and I've still not regained my composure entirely.
But i have found out a few things lol....

As i mentioned earlier, I've read a couple of articles so I decided to follow them to the letter as much as i could....

Stripped down to a teashirt, put on a porto vid, lay on my back on the settee, applied a decent splash of water soluble lube to dildo and arse, bent my knees .... and eased it in slowly STOP!

This was not masturbation as I knew it, the experts were right.. only fully naked will do.
Start again.

Lost a bit of fear, it didn't hurt.. it just felt kind of constipated, not bad but certainly not what i was hoping for. Left it in for a few mins, nothing happened. Worked on an erection cos it seemed the right thing to do.... not much happened. I normally have no problems getting hard but with this thing up my arse??

I don't like wasting money, I felt cheated.. had all those women lied about the pleasures? Not to mention the men! I never could see what people would get out of it, the anus is not designed for this kind of thing...

Drew it in and out a few times.. not bad but hardly mind blowing.
Tried lying on my belly, bent over, squatting, doggy style... apart from feeling very silly not much change.

I thought about people that had various medical procedures not dissimilar maybe?

Tried walking around a bit nothing.

One bit of advice i remembered apart from using lots of lube... RELAX!
Yes, this was a problem indeed.. not easy under the circumstances.

Gave up on new toy and sadly decided to have a shower, wash away my disappointments and get on with the day u know?

Lucy said you should use Vaseline in the bath or shower..... oh dear.. in for a penny in for £10.

Standing in the shower, I tried again... mmmmmm.. bit more interesting. I always like sex in the showers and baths, sea etc water is so sensual.. and the warmth so relaxing...

Did someone say relaxing??!

I don't quite know the point when i started working that dildo a bit harder than previous but I suddenly found myself, head rammed against the tiles, almost falling to me knees, real cock in one hand and prosthetic in the other... faster, faster.

I'm not a speed merchant, I like to take my time with these things but my control had gone, my brain was mush.

Here i sit.. still thinking about it, still a bit shakey.. Pinky is going to be a good friend..

More adventure with Pinky soon I am sure... I'll share any discoveries I make for the good of mankind and woman kind, definately want to concentrate on the more 'male' sides of things.. did someone mention hitting the prostate??

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