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12/19/2005 5:09 pm

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I'm amazed how many people read blogs! I haven't actually written one before and I certainly haven't read any. So thank you anyone that's following this blog/adventure and especially to the 2 people that have contributed comments so far. Thanks for understanding or at least not condeming my most personal and intimate adventures.
If I have encouraged anyone to follow my example by reading this.. i'm well pleased...

Put the cam on while I write this got to get used to the experience.. wow 2 visitors! One's just gone, what do i do?? Nothing till they page me i reckon. They both gone now, bored with a picture of my legs peeping out the bottom of my bathrobe i guess.

Its almost an intrusion and they must have expectations when they come into my camroom.. but not of talking it seems..

I got hot a few times on yahoo in the past but this is a bit different.. I know Im an exhibitionist from those yahoo encounters. The emphasis now is more complex, because I actually want to meet someone through these well as have fun.

I like the idea of 'selling' my body here.. hope someone likes it. How will i feel if I am not enjoyed by anyone? If I'm rejected when I've bared my all?? What more do i have to offer in this arena?

I'm assuming people will stop and chat? Like you've dropped comments in this blog ace!
I'm getting out there! My voice is being heard, we can feel most silent at times can't we?

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