A Turning Point maybe?  

BiggerEveryDay2 49M
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12/18/2005 5:00 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A Turning Point maybe?

Arrived in the post this morning....
I ordered it within the hour of my partner telling me she's fallen for someone else.
It was to be expected tho, we cohabited for 8 yrs then lived seperately and quite seperate lives for the last 3 yrs.. but still excellent friends.. and will continue to be! She's wonderful, but we couldn't live toghether any more its so sad
No more daytrips and no more 'keeping each other warm on a cold night' u know??

I'm currently trying to explain why.. even though I am one of her closest friends, I don't want to know the intimate problems she's having with this new guy. I can see no simple solution to this without hurting her perception of our relationship/friendship. I told her i can't be impartial on the matter, that logic don't work, and that this man will inevitably influence what we have, and that i don't like it much.

We've both had other relationships in the last 3 years, but this one sounds serious.. a different matter.

I digress.. could this 5 inches of silicon penis that arrived in the post mean something to me? I mean when I unpacked it I instantly regretted the purchase. Its pinkishness offended me a bit and i had just bought my own personal dildo!

I'm no novice to sexy toys, and certainly no prude.. but this one was for me and me only!
I don't know when i stopped having anal with my partners but it was many years ago... i decided sometime that the whole practice was not nice, and developed quite strong feelings on the matter. Definately NOT for me!!

So this pink menace was quite a threat.

Friend or foe, I didn't waste much time trying it out... and here i get to the point of this blog...

While I was awaiting its arrival I searched the internet for advice on its use. Obviously in many ways the same issues exist for women, and there was quite a bit of advice for women.... different lubricants etc but then the situation changes.

Sorry, I haven't got a cervix or G Spot and the issues around anal penetration are different for men than for women i think. I veered towards the gay scene to find a more relevant treatment on the subject, but I'm not gay and a gay man has different attitudes to me too it seems.

So I thought "Hell I'll write a blog and see what comes up."

bime4u22 53M
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12/18/2005 6:27 am

Hi bigger,Im BI,and have been for as long as I know,that I am equally attracted to Guys,as to women.But Have NEVER,had anal Penetration.I have often thought of it,when I was with a guy that I really liked.But the fact that I still made it with woman,held me back,and even when I have sew with a guy and a girl,wow,I just cant tell you how exiting it is.Man To love a guy and a girl at the same time .Pure heaven.But this question of penetration is comming back into my mind more & more often.I also think Ill get one of those pink things you got,and try it before I go for the real thing.ithink I just got to find the right guy ,to help me..Take care ,and let me know how you get along....TONY

BiggerEveryDay2 49M

12/19/2005 5:35 pm

That's great Tony.. I'm dead chuffed if writing this blog is actually getting people like u to try things out.
Best of luck and do let me know how it's going ok?
It would be great to get feedback
chat soon i hope

bime4u22 53M
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10/10/2006 1:17 am

Hi,Luke,Well since the last connection,Still have not tried the Penetration gig,I guess I just have'nt found the right guy,and don't get me wrong,I am not playing hard to get,I'm just a guy who is trying to find the right one;;Have'nt had sex with a lady for a while,as I want to see if doing it only with a guy can get me to go all the way;;The Last guy I was with,was really good lookin dude,Also an actor,like me,but He wanted ME to do him,I wanted him also but ,he was too big,Man what a cock,18 cm and cut,but he prefered me to do the work,hehehe;;So I guess i'll have to get back to the ol Pink thing,and try getting it right.Last month a girl that I knew helped me with her Dildo,,she was kinda cool;But all the while I really wanted a guy to do me;What do you make of this;;;Take care Tony

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