Heartfelt Poetry  

BigGift11 59M
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12/29/2005 2:56 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Heartfelt Poetry

Words of poetry are a beautiful thing, upon your face a smile I shall bring.

“ Orchestra Of Nature “

My words of choice, let me paint for you, the rhythm of the night
With a special touch of nature, lightning flashing bright
There is a gentle breeze of wind, blowing through the trees
Creating the musical sound of nature, won't you listen please
The crickets soon join in, with a squeaking sound
Now this concert can be heard, from the sky and ground
The flickering glowing stars, send their beautiful colored light
Adding to this wonderful concert, in the middle of the night
The free floating clouds, cast shadows on the moon
If you listen carefully, you can hear the croaking frog sound loom
Off in the distance, I hear a train whistle blow
Now the intensity of this concert, is beginning to grow
This night orchestrated by nature, so full of life
I always enjoy it, it eases all my strife
Look up to the sky, you may catch the comet's golden swing
Sometimes we get to see it, with its wild fling
I feel a sudden splash of rain, floating through the air
Getting all wet now, I really do not care
A loud burst of thunder, speaking up to shout
This lovely Orchestra Of Nature, is what its all about
My magic is no illusion, just my vivid insight
I am glad to share with you, this rhythm of the night!!!!!

Penned By James L. McHenry

Copyright ©2004 By Mickey Pig Knuckles

Quote: Life Is Poetry In Motion, Great Poets Reflect Emotion

mysteriesofme 44F

12/30/2005 6:16 pm

As our joining is blessed in baptism; From the Heaven's above
Never before feeling, this longing for Love

I look into your eyes as the clouds take their shape
My eyes drift down to the crease of your nape

My breath is shallow, my knees become weak
I lean for my first kiss and reach almost a cheek..

Lightnings flash; You disappear
As I listen to nature, the drops blend with my tear

BigGift11 59M
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12/31/2005 8:10 am

A Beautiful Portrait from such a sweet dear
A meaningful poem poem all surrounding her tear

“ Very First Tear “

You saved me your very first born tear
It was the one packed full of emotion
Loosing you has always be my biggest fear
Your sweet Love is my power potion
I need Only You in my life every single day
I will always listen for every word you say
I love You more each and every day
I need You more dear God I pray
I will closely watch every move you make
I'll be with you with forever every step you take
I cherish and love every smile you make
Baby, I treasure every breath you take
Up in the clouds we’ll be together
Sharing the love we both savor
I look up and its you I see
I want only You for eternity
When I met YOU it was strong love
You came to me from God above
I want and need you year after year
Thank You for giving me your Very First Tear!!!

Penned By Mickey Pig Knuckles

Copyright ©2005 By Mickey Pig Knuckles

Quote: Life Is Poetry In Motion, Great Poets Reflect Emotion

mysteriesofme 44F

1/1/2006 2:45 pm

[post 188451]

mysteriesofme 44F

1/7/2006 9:26 am


'a good kind of hurt'

reflect emotion?
it echos within my walls

glad it's not alone

BigGift11 59M
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1/7/2006 10:47 pm

" Midnight Dream "

I come to you Grace, in the middle of the night
I kiss your pretty face, as I hold you so tight
You feel my firm desires, pressing on your belly
We created this fire, Oh, here comes some jelly
Your hot little hand, in my pants to grab me
Now feeling so grand, Oh, please set me free
I lift up your skirt, I spread your legs wide
A good kind of hurt, as I slide in my pride
Slowly as first, then really fast
Quenching our thirst, then comes the blast
This may be our Midnight Dream, we both want it real
We both feel the cream, We both want to feel
Please come to me Grace, all through the night
Place a smile on my face, as you hold me so tight!!!!!

Penned By Mickey Pig Knuckles

Copyright ©2006 By Mickey Pig Knuckles

Quote: Life Is Poetry In Motion, Great Poets Reflect Emotion

mysteriesofme 44F

1/15/2006 5:38 pm

sigh... that good kind of hurt... (still love those words)

BigGift11 59M
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1/17/2006 5:15 pm

Oh Yes mysteriesofme, The best kind of Hurt as I dream the Dream of two wanting to become a oneness.

rm_GenuineTaste 51F
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1/19/2006 4:25 pm

Thanks my Dear for the nice inspiring words. I didn't think any paid attention to the ramblings of my heart. You as well are good with expressing words from the soul. Thanks and come again. Oh! and you were pratically bulleye with your persumtion about my poetic words.
I've enjoyed you too...

Live&Let Live...Live&Learn

rm_GenuineTaste 51F
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2/4/2006 7:48 pm

BigGift, I came your way today. Looking for some words pened by you. I see you've wrote nothing new here. Why don't you? I'm looking to hear some more breathings of your heart. Inspire my soul somemore, know that someone looks to connect in a poetic form such as we already have. Peace&Joy to you. A inspiring GIFT indeed.

Live&Let Live...Live&Learn

BigGift11 59M
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2/8/2006 1:09 pm

I eagerly reach out to you Genuine Taste, Together we could create a very sweet paste. I am sorry I have been away but now I am comming to you today with the hopes I may hear from you again so something special may actually begin. BigGift11

mysteriesofme 44F

2/24/2006 12:07 pm

am I interupting?


pssst.. guess what.. one of my poems has been published.. in a book.. expensive book at that..

... I'm currently putting together my own to get it published and out.

cool huh.?

get with the program... BigGiftedONE

BigGift11 59M
5 posts
2/26/2006 9:22 am

So nice to hear for such a beautiful person once again, as now I can enjoy this nice warm grin. May I offer You a Congratualtions as I have been published many times and currently working on Book number three being published. If I can help You in any kind of way please reach out to me mysteriesofme.

mysteriesofme 44F

3/1/2006 10:16 am

yes you can.. lol, I need A LOT OF HELP.. lol


book number three.. you going to dedicate it to me? it is my favorite number... but.. then again fore is always good - especially when play follows it.. do you golf?

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