A Smile Goes A Long Way...  

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1/26/2006 12:24 pm

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A Smile Goes A Long Way...

Traveling around visiting some of my business partners offices, I come in contact with a lot of women in offices. It's funny how serious we all take ourselves. All of our "professional" behavior. I work for myself so I don't have to answer to anyone but me. Don't get me wrong; I'm aware that there is a certain "way" to act in an office, and I do. It's just hilarious what happens when you take the same group of people from the office and put them in a club or a bar at 6:00pm on a Friday afternoon.

Last week, I had a long day on a busy Friday and wound up 2 hours from home and not looking forward to navigating the beltway during rush hour. The VERY professional office manager of the business I was visiting invited my to join their staff at a happy hour that was being held to celebrate an office anniversary. Her name is Hailey. I declined, because I'm very careful how I develop relationships with my clients. I left and went to a small restaraunt nearby.

No sooner did I order my second beer, here come a half dozen people from the office I just left. I never got into detail with Hailey as to WHERE they were going, and now she was coming over to me with a huge smile.

Without even having a drink, she was 10 times more outgoing. She said as she smacked me and called me a snob for declining her initial offer, "now you get to see me with my hair down." If I only knew...

An hour a 3 drinks later, Hailey was sitting right up next to me in my booth, telling me how I was her favorite vendor because I always smiled and looked her in the eyes. She kept touching my arm while she talked, and when her hand innocently touched my thigh as she laughed, I knew I was in trouble.

I'm a married guy, not necessarily sexually satified, but I definitely like to avoid trouble. Usually, if I'm going to stray, it's while I travel, far away. So there's no real chance it'll bite me in the ass.

I see Hailey twice a month... this was a tough spot.

Here is a hot 25-year old woman giving me ALL the signals, leaving me to figure out exactly what my next move would be. Then, she let me off the hook. She leaned in and whispered to me that she was headed to the bathroom and wanted me to follow her a few minutes later. She wanted to make sure the coast was clear.

When I walked to the back of the restaraunt, I could see her at the end of the hallway, motioning me to hurry.

She pulled me into the ladies bathroom and locked the door behind us. I didn't even have time to refuse... Before I could even turn around completely, she'd loosened my belt and already was pulling my pants down.

As I looked down, watching her suck my cock, I couldn't help but think of the serendipity. I was trying to STAY away from their party, and I wound up being the party.

Hailey finished me off fairly quickly, and cleaned me ALL the way up. She stood and re-adjusted her top and skirt. She smiled and laughed her way out of the bathroom and then signaled me from the end of the hallway to make a break for it.

We met back at the table and enjoyed that knowing look with each other for another 2 hours. No one appeared to be the wiser and Hailey and I enjoyed the conversation much more than we should have!!

After a brief hug when we left, I drove home staring at the handful of pics I took with my phone. I e-mailed them to her on Monday, and she sent me back a smiley face and added "I'll see you on February 10th."

No phone calls since. No e-mails since. I'll keep my fingers crossed that she's as cool with this as I am. We'll see for sure in two weeks. I do know this: I'll be sure to smile at EVERYONE I see. The rewards can be surprising.

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