It Begins  

BigDog30s 41M
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5/19/2006 2:47 am
It Begins

I was a relative emotional stone for a long time. I hadn't cried in over 15 years. I've had exactly 3 serious relationships in my life. They were all with women altough it never occurred to me that I looked at men the same way. Two of those women found it was true in their hearts to be gay. The latest is my wife of 9 years. I hold no anger towards her and support her fully, but now I have begun to long for relationships again. So here is where I started. Men seem rather peticular, so I have only been talking to women.
It is a rich life that I lead as a "DID." Most people know it better as Multiple personality Disorder. I have seven recognized personalities. I have trained myself intensely so I can do my best at adhearing to social etiquette. One thing alot of people take for granted is the use of "I." If I ever say "we" it is just a slip. I chameleon my problem as best I can. My friends are all aware of my problem and they have assured me I can pull this off. So tell me how I'm doing. I'll try to post every day with new events. As always, say what is on your mind. I won't be offended. I doubt that anything could be said that I haven't heard atleast once in the 15 years since I became "broken."

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