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3/13/2006 9:11 am

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Dirty Sex

I arose at 5 AM to get ready for a softball tourament. I look at the woman (Heather) in my bed who I had only met a two weeks before. She laid there naked with that fresh fuck look on her face. Got my dick hard thinking of the night before, but I knew with me fixin to play in softball tourament that I would need my legs that day and would have to do without.
We began playing softball at 7 and we lost our first game at 10. If you know anything about softball touraments you lose twice and your out. But with the 1 loss we would take the feild again at 12 and with the set up would be there until we lost again. We won the next game and Heather show up. She had been to the doctor that day, and she came up and greeted me with a kiss. I could tell that she was horny from the way she push up to me. I told her that I was hot sweaty and so dirty. All she said was the doctor had gave her some medicine and it was making her so horny. Well being a man that got my attention, just to damn hot in August sun to get arouse at that moment.
We play until 9:30 that night. And to make matters worse we had promise to go to dinner with another couple from the team. He was in trouble for giving his wife attention. We went to a nice place but really out of place wearing mud cover uniforms. This is were Heather let me know how bad she needed to be fuck. She started to play with my cock under the table. I told her to stop and that I was no way going to be doing anything tonight. I was dirty sunburn and every fulid in my body was left on the feild. Which I knew I was in for cramps all night. But this didn't stop her she kept going for the cock she wanted so bad. In all truth she would of fuck every man in the place I think.
When we left I inform her in the parking lot that she was to leave me alone when we got home. We had two cars there so I was safe until I got home and on the way was thinking of ways that I thought would keep me safe. When we got home I went right to bed without a shower. I didn't think anyone would want to be with someone as dirty as I was. She came into the bedroom and went right for my cock. I push her back and told her I was sorry but no way was I going to do this. And went to sleep.
How long I was asleep I don't know but was awaken to a blow job from hell. I told her stop that I was to tried to do this and that I knew I would cramp when I came. She beg and said that she needed to be fuck by the real thing and her hand wasn't it. She said she would do anything I wanted if I would just fuck her. My mind went to work.
I thought I could think of something I knew she wouldn't do. I remember that there was this huge dildo in the closet that someone had given my ex wife for a gag gift. This thing was huge at least 8 to 12 inchs around alone and 14 or more long. I told her the only way this was going to happen is if she got that dildo out and fucked her pussy why I fucked her in the ass. I knew she had only had anal sex once before and the guy hurt her. So I reallt htought she would say no. Boy was I wrong, she jump up and went to the closet and found the dildo. Seeing that she was calling my bluff I added one more thing to the list. I knew I would cramp when I came and that it would be everywhere. I told that she would have to lick my cum up if I got it all over the room (I have always have had a lot of cum). She agree and went down on me. My cock got rock hard to my surprise. I told her to get on all four and to let me watch her put this dildo of massive size in her cunt. She beg for me to at least eat her a little to get her lube up for this. By this time I wanted her pussy so bad, but wouldn't let her know it. I told her to do it or I was going back to sleep and nithing was going to happen on my end.
She place the dildo up to her pussy and began to ease back on it. All I could do was watch in amazment to watch her pussy spread open to wrap around this monster. She got at least four or five inches in her when she started to cum. All I could do was say wow and she said she wanted me in her ass. What a slut she was being. I got some KY and lube my cock and stood over her. I lower my cock to her asshole and begin pushing it slowly in her ass that was so tight from the dildo in her pussy. I got all of my cock in her and started to slowly fucking that ass. After a few minutes I started fucking it as hard as I could go. I couldn't believe how she was taking this but I had to hold her hips to keep her from falling down has she just kept cummimg.
I felt the pressure of my cum building up and knew there was even more than usual. And just has I started to cum the biggest leg cramp hit me. I jump up pulling my cock out of her ass and begin dancing around the roomm. I kept cumming and it was going all over the place. I mean the walls, dresser, just every where. After finally getting the cramp work out a little I saw what a mess I had made. I told her to start cleaning it up. She got up and her legs were leak from all the climaxes she just had. She went for a towel and i remind her thatt wasn't part of the deal. She look at me in protest but knew if she didn't want to be cut off for a week she had better do what she agree to. She started with the dresser licking my cum from the front of it. She then lick it off the walls. She thought this was all when I said don't forget the floor. She got down there and lick it up also. I told her that I wouldn't believe that the medicine could do this to anyone but she needed to back to that doctor more often. That night I think she slept without moving. And the next morning when it was time to play ball again she got even with the team for me making her do this the night before. My legs were so leak that I play like shit and we lost the first game.

ArmorMonadCharm 44F

3/13/2006 10:01 am

You really need to work on your writing skills.
I won't go into any more details than that......
'enough said......

LMAO... what kind of med did the dr give her.
that usually isn't a side effects of most meds.
well unless it's viagra for men, since they don't really have a woman's version yet......

I'm an erotica author with several really positive comments both here an on several other sites as well. (with published work) feel free to read my blog for some good examples.


BigDog14120002 57M
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3/13/2006 11:08 am

Sorry that I'm not a real writer blush just telling the story. Also I don't know what medicine they gave her, I didn't ask. If I did I would corner the market.
Thanks for reading

Sassy_Ass40 51F

3/13/2006 7:23 pm

Hi Dog,

I think You did a great job .. Keep up the good work hun .. kisses


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