Two Month Hiatus  

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8/19/2006 6:59 pm

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Two Month Hiatus

Well, I've been away from here for a little over two months. Different handle as I had deleted my other, however not very different from each other (the other had one less eight in it).

I can't say I've honestly done much since then. Well I shouldn't say that because I have done a bit.

I'm still at the job that I started in mid-May. I don't have any regrets leaving the last job. From what I hear the company is really going down the hole and has gone from 15 employees to 8, and those are including the owner and his brother. From what I hear, they're barely hanging by a thread.

Granted the pay cut still sucks, but whatever. I can certainly work through that.

I ended up getting a new car June 24. Well, not brand new, but 2002 new. Sure does beat my 1990. The brakes on my probe (1990) had gone really bad. I was trying to find a way to be able to afford to fix them.

My stepdad took up the job, which turned out to be a waste in the end. $300+ on parts and whatnot. I found out that there were only 3 tires that had brakes rather than 4. I also found out that the bottom was badly rusted. So I was told that I'd need a new car by winter.

Weeks before the brakes got fixed, my car just felt feeble, and I figured I'd be needing a new car soon anyhow, but didn't exactly have the money to do so. I was going to get one back in March but decided I probably still had a bit left on the probe.

Well, the Monday after my brakes got fixed, things seemed all right, however I was told that the brakes wouldn't be much better than they were. Wednesday came and my steering wheel would jerk around like mad. I called my stepdad upon arriving at work (about 15/20 minutes from home). He went there and looked at it. From there we decided it was best to get a new car then.

That night I looked at some, and I ended up finding one that I liked from a lot that was owned by my stepdad's friend. We had to get the paper work in, and then they were going to fix something first as well. So I had two more days with my probe.

Everything was fine Thursday, but Friday is another story. I was warned not to go the highway with the car in its current condition, and Friday morning I nearly took the highway thinking it'd just be that once.

I'm very lucky I decided not to because had I taken the highway, it could have been an accident, and I'm sure it could have been rather nasty considering morning highway traffic (side streets weren't nearly as bad and took about the same time).

I was going about 45 when the upper tire on my side (the drivers side) flew off my car. I'm not talking just the tire, but the whole thing. The tie rod broke. I was about 100 feet from the entrance to work. I can't honestly say I knew exactly what had happened the moment that it happened, but I vaguely had an idea but not exact - anyhow, but all I knew was I had to stop my car. When I finally stopped (took me about 50 feet to stop), I look and I see my tire/wheel in the air on it's way down. Luckily the car going in the other direction saw it and missed it.

I was all right, but shocked. I cried for about five minutes while I called for help and to tell my boss that I was sitting 50 feet from the entrance but I'd be late.

So, I ended up getting the car the very next day as planned. Lucky.


My fourth of July was pretty good. I drove down to Medina to meet a friend - never met, just chatted. It was a great time. First time on a four-wheeler.

The middle of July I finially signed up for Fall semester classes. Only two though.

The end of July I had to go to PA for a cousin's wedding. What a wasted trip. That there was enough in itself going with my brother and sister in law. I was ready to rip my hair out by mid Sunday.

Almost immediately after getting back, we had to get to this restaurant for my stepdad's suprise birthday party, and I was in charge of setting up and whatnot. Long weekend.

July 28, actually the day before going to PA, my department at work was called into a meeting. We found out that we were being transfered to a different office, which was to take place mid-August. No one was really happy about that. I was kind of torn because while it's only about 10 minutes farther, it now made it 30 minutes from home, which meant *gasp* I'd have to get up earlier lol

On the other hand though, we could wear jeans every day, which I have to say is certaily a plus.

Our first day at the new office was last Monday (14th). The week prior we had to put 10 1/2 hour days in to make up for the Friday they wanted us off so they could move us. We had an option to go in early or stay really late. I decided to go in with everyone else at 6:30 so I could get out by 5. Then that Thrusday was full of packing.

Then, like I said, this last Monday was our first day at the new office. It's really not all that bad. Irritating because nothing has gone smoothly (like expected), which means the others don't have work, therefore I don't have work. So I've been given mundane jobs to do and being shuffled to another department to do things they needed done.

So, continuing on, because of my pay decrease, I really can't afford to live where I'm at now. It's just impossible, especially with having a car payment now and higher car insurance due to full coverage (where as with the probe I just did liability only - didn't make much sense to do more on a car 16 years old).

My original plan was to room with my brother and sister in law, renting out the whole of their upstairs. Not bad, but seeing as I wanted to rip my hair out with spending a weekend with my sister in law... ain't happening, sorry lol. I love them both, but she's good in small doses.

Instead I found an apartment that is a little cheaper in rent ($20) and includes gas, which has been a big problem. I'm signing the lease there on Monday, and I will be moving as much as I can after work during the week. I'll be moving the bigger stuff that Saturday, which I have no idea how I'm going to seeing as my car won't exactly fit a few bigger things I have (dresser, a couple of cabinet/stands, desks (2), etc).

I have to turn my keys in no later than the 31st. I'd really like to have everything done by the 26th (including cleaning) because I start my fall classes on the 28th. I just don't want to rush back to here from work to turn them in, and then have to rush to the school. Although if that's the case, it's not horrible because the school is about 12 - 15 minutes from here.

I'm really nervous about going back to school. It's my first time back in 2 1/2 - 3 years. The days will be long.

I'll be working Monday - Friday 7:30 - 4. Then Mondays and Wednesdays I have class 6 - 7:15. Tuesdays and Thrusdays are 5:30 - 7:45.

It's probably a good thing I haven't been around the last two months seeing as the last two months I've been slightly neurotic lol

Well, more so the last few weeks than anything. It just seemed like I had so much piling up on me. Things are starting to wear down. I just have my move, and then the start of school.

Oh, which brings me to packing. Out of my whole apartment, I have 7 boxes packed. I think I shall pull myself away from the computer, especially as it looks like this was long enough. Congrats to anyone who got through it lol

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