Broadening your culinery horizons....  

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3/13/2006 7:03 am

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Broadening your culinery horizons....

I must admit, I probably have one of the best jobs out there for someone like me. Its by no means easy, but its rewarding (in its own way) and certainly has its share of perks. One of them is the fact that my clients takes me out to dinner on the weekends, pay for my dinner and pay me to be there. They love Italian food and I've come to enjoy it somewhat (though, to be honest, I prefer just a good old medium well sirloin strip and baked potato).

Last night we went out to one of their regular restaurants. I went off the to the bar, as usual (my clients like to sit alone during dinner, which is fine by me), watched some ladies golf (Anika Sorenstam is beautiful) and chatted with the bartender as is my wont. Instead of getting my usual dinner (since they don't serve steak that often there, I usually get a grilled chicken caesar salad) I decided to try something totally new. Looking at the menu, I decided on Brushetta (I like to think of them as open-faced tomater sammiches) and Carpaccio.

Funny how a menu will ocassionally leave out a little factoid like how something you've chosen is raw. Hell, it said sliced beef tenderloin with capers, onions and olive oil. Sounded appetizing. I only realized it was uncooked when it arrived as pink as salmon.

I ended up eating it because a.) Im stubborn and wasting food was a cardinal sin growing up b.) I could rightly say I've had the equivalent of Steak Tartar now.

The dinner wasn't a total loss. I ended up splurging and getting a piece of cheese cake that was delicious, and rather large I might add, drizzled with semisweet chocolate and sliced strawberries.

PS - I decided on a funny pic for this blog. I love canines and these two puppies (Malemutes I think, though maybe Huskies) would melt even the most frigid heart.

BigBoobLuver23 44M

3/14/2006 6:48 am

'why is it you don't sit with your clients? that just seems unusual to me.'

They like to sit and chat during dinner. I only sit with them when we go to certain places. I basically spend the rest of the day with them, so its no big loss. I enjoy gabbing with the bartenders at the various restaurants, so its not like I'm bored or anything.

BigBoobLuver23 44M

3/15/2006 5:26 pm

No, no, its what they want. I've been working for them now for 3 1/2 years. I guess it sounds a little strange if you didn't know them.

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