Top Ten No-No Hoes  

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2/15/2006 10:07 pm

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Top Ten No-No Hoes

I've decided to do my own top 10 list. Here are the types of women not mess with ----> from my (bad)experience(s).

10. A woman who you work with. Too much to risk if relationship goes sour.

9. A woman who's favorite song involves using guys for money. I went out with a chick who was fixated to the song "Bills, Bills, Bills!" by Destiny's Child. Guess what? She was a high maintenance, gold digger.

8. A woman you catch cussing, even though she says that she's born again. I can care less if a women is "religious" or not, but if you say you're a certain way, than be that way. Hypocrites make horrible lovers.

7. A woman with 2 different male names tatooed on their body. Let's just say she brought a lot of unwanted drama to our relationship.

6. A woman who orders more food than you when you decide to pay for the meal. Not only is she a pig, but a selfish one at that. Would you really want a pig between your bed sheets?

5. A woman who offers to cook you dinner, then forgets her offer the next day. Flakes make bad lovers. They're always letting you down.

4. A woman who still has her ex's number on her cell phone speed dial. Women who can't get over their exes, are always one call away from going back.

3. A woman who uses her child(ren) to lock you in. It was cute in Jerry McGwire, but in real life, it shows the skill of a true manipulator. Scary.

2. A woman who asks you to use your influence to get FREE PLANE tickets to Hawaii, then asks another dude to go with her behind your back. Self-Explanatory.

1. A woman who would sleep with her ex's friend right after their break up. Any woman willing to do something as foul and off limits as that, is bound to be trouble. That girl almost ruined my career.

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