BigBaldBhudda 49M
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3/15/2006 2:58 pm

Hello everyone and welcum to my little love nest. This morning I took the opportunity to enjoy the company of a very pretty woman. We tried it with her blindfolded but not sure it helped much. She is funtastic and insatiable!

Tonight I had a new friend ask to meet but after this AM, I may have to rest up. I still have some planned for tomorrow thru Sat night! A man has to keep his strength up! LOL!

I ordered a new computer yesterday with some nice features, about $3,000 worth so it should be good. I was surprised to see how much the really good ones go for, $7-12,000! I guess that makes mine a Wal-Mart Special, lol!

Anybody out there play Intimate Commands? New game I haven't tried, maybe tonight! What do you think of the pics, no not me, the random assortment? Good, could be better, not nasty enough, want more wildlife, etc...

I hope everyone is enjoying a life of happiness and peace of mind!

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