Back in the swing(Bisexually, that is)  

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9/26/2005 11:42 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Back in the swing(Bisexually, that is)

Well, I was wondering and in great anticipation as to when, how, etc. my first "post" heart attack bisexual encounter would take place. Yesterday I was out at the Jr. High track doing my usual workout(I'm up to 3.5 miles now). There was a man close to my age walking around as I jogged. At first he stayed on the inside lane of the track so whenever I would pass him I'd have to go over a lane to the right. After a couple of passes he started to move over as I approached behind him. This was a very courteous move, so each time I muttered a breathless "thank you" as I passed. After another lap he started calling out my lap numbers to me as I passed. I completed my final lap and began to walk my normal 2 cool down laps. The gentleman was close behind me when I started walking. "Thank God...I was getting tired just watching you." I smiled back at him and slowed down to let him catch up. I thanked him again for being so courteous and moving out of the way. We chatted some as we walked around the track. It was just after 7pm and the sun had gone down. It was getting pretty dark. I felt a combination of the adrenaline of running and the need to really have a "quickie". The gentleman and I both began to walk towards the parking lot. He asked if I lived close by. I told him I lived just a couple of miles away. He commented that I had a much longer walk home than him. I told him that I had driven, he seemed almost dissappointed. I asked him if he needed a ride. He said it wasn't necessary that it was only a few blocks away. I commented that I was going right by the apartments he stated he lived at and it was no problem. The urge was getting more intense as I could feel the start of an erection growing in my shorts. I was a bit nervous since I wasn't wearing any underwear and anthing that "popped up" would be very obvious. As is the case many times, the libido out duels common sense and my erection continued to grow. As we chatted and walked towards my car, I tried to be a nonchalant as possible about what was happening. I thought I was doing a pretty decent job until the gentleman commented "I'd sure like to know what's going on in your mind to bring up something like that". I smiled and quickly excused "this always happens after a good run". "Oh, I see" he replied with a grin. When we got to my car, I opened the passenger door for him. He got in and I walked around. When I got in, he had reclined the seat back and hand pulled his shorts down past his hips. "If a good run is your reason, I wonder what mine could be?". He then started to slowly stroke himself. At first I thought about just starting the car, but the moment seemed too good to pass up. I then reclined my seat as well and pulled my shorts completely off. I trusted the darkness and my tinted windows would keep us a private as possible. I started to stroke myself as well. The smell of sweat and sensuality was intoxicating. I reached back and folded down the back seat so it created more flat surface. I slide all the way up my seat to the flattend back seat. He did the same. I reached over and began to massage his testicles as he stroked himself. After a couple of minutes, I moved towards him and moved into the vacated passenger seat. I was in perfect position with my knees in the seat. I slowly took the head of his penis into my mouth. My tongue played with the opening as my fingers continued to massage his testicles. I then took in the entire length of him. It had been sooo long since I'd done felt so wonderful. I had forgotten how a man smells and how the rigid gliding over my lips felt. I was so lost in the feeling that I almost didn't feel him stiffen as his orgasm began. His body quivered and bucked as he exploded in my mouth. I continued to glide my mouth slowly as he softened. I moved back over to my spot on the folded down back seat. He then indicated that he'd never been with a guy before and he didn't know what to do next. I was quite shocked. I just said "Watch" and I started to masturbate myself. He awkwardly reached down and cupped my testicles. I whispered that was nice. It was only a minute before my orgasm exploded. After a few minutes of silence, he asked if I came out to the track every day. I indicated that I tried to. He asked if maybe we could get together again. I gave him my phone number and told him we didn't need to wait until the track. I drove him home....we'll see what happens.

Rockme1942 74M

10/9/2005 5:04 pm

I liked it. Iwish I could have been that guy. I would have taken you in my mouth when you started to jackoff, and sucked your cumm out of your hard penis.

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