Her bi fantasy brought to life  

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7/7/2005 6:45 pm

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Her bi fantasy brought to life

She and I had known each other for years, but it was nothing more than casual friends who occasionally saw each other around, here and there. When we were younger, I had a long standing crush on her, but never acted on it believing I was not her type.

Years pass and we happen to run into each other at a social function. To say this girl exuded sex would be an understatement. I would get instantly hard each time I saw her. Anyway, we started talking and the conversation went way into the night, just before dawn. We made plans to go out, as friends, the coming weekend.

After several consecutive weekends we had become great friends. But that's all we were, even though my body ached for her every minute we were together. She however, didn't feel the same, and it was driving me crazy. One thing we did do, however, was begin talking at great lenghts about all things sexual. Experiences, likes/dislikes, fetishes, positions/acts and of course, fantasies.

It was during one of our long sex talks that she told me about a book she had been reading. It was a book full of women's sexual fantasies, mostly fictional, but some true accounts. As I flipped through the pages, I noticed several of the stories were ear marked. When I asked why, she blushed a little and told me that those marked her favorite stories. Intruiged, I decided to found out what was on this girl's mind, so I began to read.

The common thread of all the stories was that of one woman taking on 2 or more bisexual guys in unbelievably hot sexcapades. After skimming through several of them, I put the book down and smiled to her. She smiled back and seemed a little embarrassed. To put her at ease, I complimented her taste in erotica which she accepted with a giggle. I then initiated a Q&A session to hear about her own bisexual fantasy. She held back at first, but when she saw I was really interested, she became more and more explicit, detailed. I could see just talking about it was getting her horny, so I continued to ask questions. The more I asked, the more she squirmed. The night ended with the 2 of us going to our respective homes, horny and in dire need of release. I assume she took matters into her own hands, just as I did.

Her birthday rolled around a few months later and I decided to do something for her quite out of the ordinary.

I had experimented around with other guys before, way back when, but never really tried to be serious about it. I did keep a bi curiosity, but nothing more than that. Now, with her, I had re-awakened those bisexual desires and the more I thought about how it affected her, seeing men together, the more turned on I got. She was completely unaware of the bisexuality I had come to embrace. Now back to her birthday present...

I called up a long time friend of mine, also bisexual and one of the guys I experimented with early on. I asked him if he was still on the bi-side, to which he answered yes, but he hadn't had bi sex in a long time. When I told him what I wanted to do, he took a bit of a pause, then chuckled as he began to see the delicious possibilities. He agreed to my idea, and we made our plans.

The night of her birthday, I took her out to dinner, then to a nice hotel where the rooms have jacuzzi bath tubs. She was a little hesitant of the hotel room at first, because she still saw us as "just friends", but she finally relented and agreed to go.

We got to the hotel and stopped to handle the check-in ritual at the front desk. Let me just add that she was looking exceptionally hot that night, and I had been carrying around a swollen cock all night, trying to not let it show.

Once checked in, we preceded upstairs and stopped at our room door. I smiled at her and asked her if she trusted me. Puzzled, she said yes, but wanted to know why I was asking. Without a word I set our bags down, then reached into my pcoket to retrieve a length of black silk, just right for a blindfold. She initailly told me no, but I finally got her to put it on, after I convinced her it was all a part of her present. After applying the silken blindfold, I opened the door and led her in. I dropped our bags again and walked her to the center of the room. I left her standing there while I admired her sexy body. After a few seconds I asked her if she was ready for her present. She didn't seem too sure, but before long she nodded and whispered "yes..."

Smiling, I turned just a bit to reach a hand out and pull my other friend up beside me. Together we approached her, ever so slowly, and I whispered to her seductively as he and I got closer. When we were positioned in front of and behind her, we timed our contact precisely. All at the same instant, she had four hands and two warm, wet mouths connecting with her skin...

wolf78000 38M/37F

12/17/2006 3:42 am

beautifull!! my gf feels exactly like that and we dream of encountering the right guy or couple to act it out

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