Sara Smile  

BiFemWandtight 47F
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7/19/2006 7:52 pm
Sara Smile

Another reunion. Whoop de do! Another 5 years gone by with nothing to show for it. Another chance to see the people I could care less about, and who would undoubtedly spend the evening telling me their life stories again. I wasn't even sure why I bothered going to these things anymore. Maybe it was a reminder that I once was young and had dreams. Maybe it was just to see who else died, got divorced, or generally was having a worse life than me.

I was wandering around with a drink in each hand. It was so boring! You had the typical school debs turned drunken sluts on the dance floor, the geeks talking tech, the jocks talking sports, and the old cliques being cliquish. Then there were the ones like me, alone and just wandering around until it was the right time to get the hell out of there.

When we bumped into each other, I began cussing almost immediately. I looked up midway through my first expletive and saw the most haunting green eyes, which stopped my utterance. Son-of-a turned into sorry as I stumbled through the word. Sara spoke so softly I barely heard her apology. I told her it was all my fault, and she said it was clearly her fault. She smiled at me, and the rest of the world went away.

We hadn't seen each other in 20 years, had barely known each other in school. In that moment, though, we were closer than any two people had ever been. As the seconds ticked by, we were lost in each other. A loud voice yanked both of us back to reality. We each made an embarassed chuckle and looked down.

We stayed there, facing each other, for a long time. As I drained one drink, I mumbled something about going for a smoke. Sara quickly chimed in that she would join me. We walked outside a little quicker than normal. Once outside, we once again gazed into each other's eyes. The urge to smoke passed so quickly, it was like a wisp of a thought.

Sara mentioned a small trail through the woods surrounding this hotel. She told me she read it in the hotel's brochure. I readily agreed that a walk through the woods sounded great. As we wandered down to the trail, she got closer and closer to me. Once we were out of sight of the hotel, she gingerly reached out for my hand. She said it was a little dark and she didn't want to stumble. As soon as our flesh was intertwined, the heat rose up like a forest fire.

Without notice, Sara turned to me and kissed me hard on the mouth. Her desire melded with mine until I wasn't sure who wanted who more, as if it mattered. Our fingers raced over each other's body as our tongues danced to the beat of our hearts. We were on the ground, completely naked, within minutes. As she lay on top of me, she stopped kissing me and sat up a bit. I caught a glimpse of her smile in the moonlight.

Sara and I wasted no time, our tongues and fingers doing their best to make the other feel so good. Licking and sucking our way, we were like old lovers who knew each other so well we didn't need a moment to think about what we were doing. Her body was a natural extension of mine. When she cradled my breast in her hand, it was like coming home. My body welcomed her, and her body gave in to me. When she rotated her hips, I realized this was what I had wanted for so long.

She straddled my face and pushed her own head between my legs. Our passion came to fruition almost instantly as we each came hard. Moaning through my licks, I could faintly hear her moaning as well. We were in perpetual motion. Neither one of us took any breaks as we made ach other cum again and again. Our tongues were ravenous and desperate, flicking the clit in random motions to bring the pleasure out.

When we were both exhausted from our adventure, we lay beside each other breathing hard. The tingling sensation in my pussy was exhilerating. In that moment, all the world was right and I knew peace. We got dressed slowly, not wanting to let go of this time and place. We returned to the hotel, dragging our feet. Sara smiled once more before she went inside. That smile! What a world of information lay within it. For some reason, I could not go back in to the party. I sat down on the bench and smoked. Sara never came back out, and I think it was right. After all, I had a reason to come to the next reunion.

sammiesunshine 46M
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7/26/2006 8:37 am

When are you going to meet me at a reuinon?

I want you to push yourself down on my face...wink..

You would have to take care of my manhood willing to take care of a man again?

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