Midnight Surprise  

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2/11/2006 3:17 pm

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Midnight Surprise

I had just settled into bed for the night at the closest hotel to the airport. I had a busy work day ahead of me. I was exhausted and longing for sleep to come quickly. I undressed down to my oversized t-shirt and crawled between the covers. I laid face down and buried my face into the pillow.

Suddenly I felt a body on top of mine, whispers, threats. What is he saying? Oh my god! Don't move or I'll cut your throat...dumb cunt...enjoy...too fast to tell what he's saying. My mind was swirling. What was happening? He had a hand on the back of my head, keeping it buried in the pillow. It became hard to breathe. I twisted my head to the side just a bit to breathe better, but he didn't let me move too much. His legs were between mine, pushing them open further.

I felt his other hand working it's way down my side, pausing for a moment near my breast. Then down it went to my hips, buttocks. He put his hand under my shirt and ran his fingers between my legs to my clit. He ran a finger up to my anus and stopped. He whispered again...dirty slut...like it like that...I couldn't make out what he was saying. He seemed to be talking through a screen, like he had a mask of some sort on. That had to be it. He was wearing a mask, maybe a ski mask. He knew who I was. And I must have known who he was too. But who?

I didn't have time to think about it. He grabbed my hair and pulled back hard, flexing my neck in an uncomfortable angle to where he lay on my back. He jerked my head around and stuck his tongue in my mouth. His kiss was violent and wet. Realizing I was not going to return his kiss, he pushed my head back down to the pillow. I heard the zipper on his pants go down. The events so far had made him rock hard, as he rammed his thick cock into my pussy. The pain was instantaneous. He was huge, and I hadn't been with a man in many years. He rammed it in again and again as tears came to my eyes.

He quickly pulled out and panted hard. He mumbled something about doing all the work. I almost laughed, but suppressed it in time. This guy actually thought I was going to help him? I felt the tip of his cock on my anus. Oh shit! I thought. I have never done anal with anyone. If he hurt me going into my pussy, what was this going to feel like? I had my answer in less than a second. It felt like someone ripping out my insides. He pushed harder and harder to get in. I felt a trickle of blood inch down the inside of my thigh. Finally he got in as far as he wanted, then spent an eternity getting his kicks. When he was finished there, he went right back into my pussy.

He thrust his massive cock into my pussy over and over. My body betrayed me as I felt my pussy getting wetter by the minute. Finally, he came inside me, and to my horror I came too. I heard him chuckle to himself. At least it's over, I thought to myself. I was wrong. He put a blindfold over my eyes and turned me over. He tied each wrist to the bed posts. He must've taken the mask off at that point, because now I understood every word.

He told me there was no need to tie me further, because I could not escape. He also told me a scream would buy me a knife to my throat. I recognized the voice, but could not place it. He pushed my legs far apart. I heard a clicking noise that could only come from a camera. The bastard was taking pictures of me! I wanted to throw up. I couldn't.

Several minutes went by with no more touching. I thought I heard a door open and close, but that could have been the next room. Suddenly a tongue began licking my clit. It was gentle and inviting. It felt so good. I came within minutes, despite not wanting to. I heard a moan...was it female? I couldn't see anything through the blindfold or around its edges. The tongue now went to licking my pussy clean of all its cum, inside and out. I realized now that there were others in the room.

I felt a coarse hand grab my left breast and fondle it roughly. A smaller hand was fondling my right breast. My jaw was grabbed and forced open. A large cock was thrust into it, making me gag. Laughter ensued. There must have been six or seven people in the room, men and women. Suck it or die, was the command from this man. As I did what I was told, another cock found its way into my pussy. Screwed on both ends brought to mind an old business saying. Thinking of business was the only way I could keep myself from crying or going insane.

As the night wore on, I was the main piece for each of the invited guests. They all took their turns with relish. One female even sat on my face and commanded I lick her pussy until she came quite plentifully on my face. Lick it, bitch, and make me cum, she kept repeating. When the guests started departing one by one, I wondered how it was all going to end.

When I was again alone with my original assailant, he untied my wrists. He told me to stay where I was for the next fifteen minutes. Then he told me to shower, making sure to clean my pussy real good, and brush my teeth. He whispered that no phone calls were going to be made by my room phone. He also told me if I tried to make a call from my cell phone, it would be scrambled. He told me he would be watching me to make sure I did as instructed. Then he left, and I wondered how I would know when fifteen minutes had passed. I waited probably around an hour before taking the blindfold off. I quickly looked around the room, but saw no one. I followed the instructions by the letter, knowing that a hidden camera could be the end of me.

I stayed up the rest of the morning and departed as soon as possible from the hotel. On the way to my cab, the valet wished me a fond farewell. As the cab drove away, I recognized the voice...

sammiesunshine 46M
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6/14/2006 1:40 pm

The old familar theme, betrial by those we trust.

Is this fantisy of yours, an exerience...or an extention of a theme.

I'm going to be pondering this for a while. Love the writing.

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