Fat little girl  

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3/8/2006 7:46 pm

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Fat little girl

I was just coming out of the shower when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Even the steam couldn't hide my round rump and wide hips. I wiped the steam from the mirror. FAT! I hated my body. Other girls my age had small hips and tiny waists. They had little firm asses and tits. The guys all drooled over them. No guy ever drooled over me. Why would he?

As I manipulated my huge breasts, I didn't hear the door open. I turned sideways, trying to see if my ass had gotten any bigger. At least sideways, my hips didn't look so wide. I still had a nice set of abs though, my waistline 10 inches smaller than my hips. As the cool air from the hallway washed over me, I turned quickly to see daddy staring at me.

I covered up with a towel. Hey daddy, I said, embarrassed at the thought of him seeing me naked.

What's up pumpkin? he asked.

Pumpkin. Now that's a fat term if I ever heard one. I mumbled nothing, and wrapped the towel around me tighter. Daddy looked around nervously, then came into the bathroom and shut the door.

As he got close to me, I cringed a little.

What's wrong? he asked crinkling his brow in a worried way.

Pumpkin, I said. You mean fat, I whimpered.

His eyebrows rose up in surprise. Fat? he inquired. I never said anything about fat, he stammered. Pumpkin is a term of endearment, not a comment on your weight, he offered.

I wasn't buying it. I know I'm fat, I said. No boys want to date me or touch me, and I understand why.

Nonsense, he retorted. You have a beautiful body.

Oh, great daddy, I replied. How would you know? I mocked.

He stood silently for a moment, guaging me. He continued in a more hushed tone. You have large milky breasts, a perfect waistline, and an ass that any man would want to hold on to all night long.

Really? I asked, kind of shocked we were having this conversation.

Really, he replied. Any man would be crazy not to want you, to run his fingers up your thighs, to lick and kiss you, to take you to heaven. He stepped closer, his hot breath cascading onto my neck and shoulder.

Daddy, I whispered. I didn't know what was happening, but I wasn't about to fight it. His words were so soothing to me. They were words I always wanted to hear from a man, any man. He took the towel from my hands, letting it fall to my feet. He kissed my forehead as his fingers began their journey from my face to my neck, my shoulders, my breasts - stopping there to gently fondle them equally. My nipples became erect immediately.

Oh god, he moaned, as his lips quickly covered mine. His kisses were urgent and wanton. His tongue flicked in and out of my mouth. The heat from my groin intensified quickly, and I knew he felt it too. His kisses wandered down my neck and chest. Soon he was suckling my breasts. He was soft but hungry at the same time. He made each breast his focus in turn. His fingers began meandering down my belly, then to my thighs. As he ran his fingers up the inside of my thighs, my legs parted instinctively. Seeing this as a sign he was doing what we both wanted, he started rubbing my pussy. His fingers were wet instantly from my juices. He smoothly stuck one, then two fingers inside my pussy, making me groan with desire for him to be inside me.

He suddenly stopped. I started to speak, but he silenced me with a cum-soaked finger to his lips. He listened for a minute, as if expecting someone to come through the door. After hearing nothing, he sucked his fingers clean and turned me around. He bent me over the toilet. I heard his zipper come down. He began rubbing the head of his rock hard cock against my pussy. He massaged my clit with his massive member. I came again. As I was cumming, he thrust his cock into me, making me explode. He kept the orgasm going as he thrust and thrust again against my throbbing walls.

Oh baby, he moaned, as he got even harder. He rammed me faster and faster. I thought I would go insane. Then when I thought I couldn't take it a second longer, he came inside me forcefully. His jet stream filled my hole with juicy warmth. He thrust a few more times, sliding out of me as the juices from us were already trickling down my legs. He stood me up, and kissed the back of my neck. Soft words of love flooded into my ear, followed by another gentle kiss.

As he left the bathroom to allow me to collect myself, I glimpsed someone different in the mirror. Here was no fat child, no awkward teenager. This was a woman, smiling, confident, with large desirable breasts and an ass any man would want to spend all night holding on to.

rm_adanneee 68M

3/15/2006 12:52 pm

Thanks for the hot story.

horny1725 60M/51F

3/18/2006 5:08 am

God you get me off girl! I have read all your posts and you are the most erotic person I have ever read! I have cum many times reading your posts!!

BiFemWandtight 47F
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3/19/2006 4:15 pm

Thank you very much!

blackfirestars 33M

5/20/2006 3:52 pm

holy shit, you do indeed have a gift for erotic literature... wowwww... i'm sitting in a public place right now trying desprately to hide my rock hard cock from the random public.. hehe, thanks

cutthroattrout 75M

5/30/2006 3:11 pm

Thanks for that it was great and turned me on. I was rock hard when I read it and then beat my meat, cumming into a glass which I then consumed. thanks again.

sammiesunshine 46M
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6/14/2006 1:34 pm

Love your writing. The bravery to expose yourself...in more ways then one.

The pathos is extrodanry. In this story, you potray this experience as not one of victimization, but one of empowerment.

Good for you.

BiFemWandtight 47F
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6/20/2006 7:06 pm

Thank you all for your comments. I am glad I can entertain you!

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7/8/2007 10:13 pm

Hello bifem how have u been. I'm not sure if u remember me. About a yr ago we were emailing back & forth & I was enjoying our chats. My membership ran out & I lost touch w/you. I recently moved in the York area & I would luv to pick up where we left off. Thank you & I hope to hear back from you. My YIM is blkmpa1, hope to hear from you

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