The Harem Chronicles--- The Wives.  

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The Harem Chronicles--- The Wives.

I was taken to the Sultan and his wives tonight.

I was commanded to dance one of the harem dances I had been taught and as I dipped and swayed to the strange exotic music the wives had reached out and plucked at the dozens of silk scarfs woven into the jeweled belt hung low on my waist.

When the music stopped I wore what was left of my clothes which was a shirt, cut like a mans with long selves tied between my breasts showing there bottom curves and the jeweled belt. My hennaed nipples showed through the material appropriate only for a veil back home in England.

My time in the harem had freed me of the restraints of England's court and my nakedness now felt natural.

The wives led me after the dance to the floor in front of the Sultan and forced me to kneel. My pride wouldn't let me lower my head as the many hands positioned me in front of him.

At a sign from the Sultan my shirt was stripped from me. One of the wives ran her hands over my breasts then painfully pinched my nipples and slapped them hard enough to make them bounce suggestively.

The wives laughed and I lowered my eyes until the Sultan stood in front of me.

The women on either side of him lifted up his long robes to expose his hard member. I didn't understand what was expected of my until another wife knelt beside me. I watched as she took the Sultan into her mouth and moaned as if it hurt her.

She placed her hand on the back of my head and guided me to the Sultans hard length. I felt my lips stretch around it and I swallowed to keep from gagging as it hit the back of my throat.

The taste was delicious.

Little pebbles of salty cream formed in the back of my throat and I lapped it up as I moved my head back and forth massaging it with my lips and tongue.

The wives looked on encouraging me with murmurs and pets to my naked skin.

I wanted more of the cream and began to suck harder hoping to draw more out of the tiny opening i had seen then dipping my tongue into it to check to see if i missed any before sucking even harder.

The Sultan pulled back and then released his sweet cream on my breasts dripping some onto my belly and thighs.

I was pulled back into the waiting arms of a wife who held me as the rest of the women took there turn at the cream from me.

My arms were held away from me as they lapped it up from my heated flesh tasting me with it. The cream that dripped onto my thighs was found and I closed my eyes as it was licked away.

The sweet pleasure I found in there touch began to build and when the hard pebble in my woman's flesh was gently touched by a soft mouth I cried out. The gentle kiss deepened until I felt like my energy was being drained from me and replaced with a delicious heat.

I felt my secret place open like a flower with the sweetest nectar that the other women lapped up.

My release was sweet and heady filling me with wonderful warmth,.

Here with my sisters of the harem I had found a world of ecstasy I had never knew existed.

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