I Think  

BiCuriousWifePl 46M/42F
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6/25/2006 2:36 am
I Think

That your a goddess.

I want to offer myself up for sacrifice at your alter. I want to be one of the chosen few who the goddess bestowed her favors on.

That you light up a room when you enter.

Every where we go people are attracted to you like moths to a flame. You hold court with the people around you and you are always center stage. You shine like a diamond in the sun.

You know everything I feel about you.

That's why you shake that ass in front of me on the dance floor and sing my favorite song. Your like a narcotic I can't get enough of, you give me just enough to keep me hooked.

That your a bad girl.

I think you should be punished for being such a tease. You deserve to have that pretty little ass of your paddled till it's red then you need to be fucked until you promise to behave.

That your a good girl.

You like to make people around you smile. You go out of your way to take care of others and it makes people want to make sure someone is taking care of you.

That you make me hot.

Everything you do turns me on. From wearing a mini skirt to wearing your hair like I like it. The little things you do drive me crazy and keep me wet and wanting you.

That your what fantasies are made of.

I dream of hot summer afternoons alone with you in my arms. I want to bend you over the bed and explore that ass you shake so well. I want to spend hours with nothing to do but taste you and feel your skin against mine. I want to hear you say my name as you cum and hold you during the afterglow.

That your fun to play with.

I want to make you my personal play toy that I keep secret and only take out to play with when I am alone because I don't want to share.

Your sweet as honey.

I want to taste you over and over again. I want to drink you like wine and be drunk with your love.

That your all this and more.

I want to make you mine. I want to dress you up and show you off then take you home with me and show you exactly when everyone else wanted to do to you.

I want to be your mistress and totally control you. I want to punish you just because your tears are so pretty and teach you to worship at my alter. I want to teach you the freedom of total control and the joy of serving.

I want to keep your secrets. I want to be the one who knows why you smile when everyone else wonders why.

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