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an erotic story

wow an AdultFriendFinder member sent me a story, kinda got my juices flowing hehehe.

You and I have been working on a presentation for a new client since early this morning. The client we are wooing is a big one and will mean a well-needed boost to the business’s bottom line. We are fairly certain that we will get the contract, but both know that this presentation must be the best ever. You enjoy working for/with me as we get along well in the work place, but this is a new position for you and you are very anxious to prove to me you can handle it.

As we put the finishing touches on the presentation, your computer crashes. I have been walking the floor in your office dictating information as you sit at the computer editing the presentation.

“Oh, no.” you say softly as the fatal blue screen of death pops into the monitor of your computer.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, stopping dead in my tracks.

“I have NO idea.” You say plaintively pointing to your computer.

I tell you to reboot your computer, not too concerned yet. After several minutes of attempting to reboot, the computer finally cooperates and reboots. You try to pull up the presentation and can’t find it anywhere. Your frustration grows with each passing minute.

After watching you quietly for several minutes, I walk up behind you.

“What’s the problem, Becky?” Penny ask abruptly.

“I can’t find the presentation.” You say softly.

“OK, no problem. Reload it from the back-up disk and we’ll just finish it on my computer.”

“I didn’t back it up.” You say very softly.

“What did you say?” I ask incredulously.

“I didn’t back it up.”

“Beck---yyy .” I say threateningly. “You know the cardinal rule is back up everything as you go. You…..know…..that….!”

“Yes Mama.” You say very quietly.

You can tell I am very upset. And you are, too. You always back up while you’re working on something. But today, you were too excited about the whole aspect of wanting to do this well and just never backed up the file.

“Let me in there.” I say, coming around your desk. You slide out of your chair and walk around your desk to another chair. You sit down quietly.

You watch as I work on your computer, looking for the file. I am intent on the task at hand, and you mistake my intensity for anger. After several minutes, I look up at you.

“We’re going to be here a while. Why don’t you go get us something to eat while I see if I can find this file?” I say to you with a tone that indicates you should just do as I ask and not say anything. You grab your purse and head out the door feeling less than pleased with yourself.

Almost an hour later you get back to your office. It’s now 5:30 and everybody else has left for the day. You are terribly nervous as you open the door to your office and walk in carrying the take out order. You know that my favorite two things are Pepsi and chocolate, so you have made sure to bring a Pepsi and a chocolate desert. When you come into the room you see that I am still at your desk, leaning back in your chair with my feet up, hands behind my head and my eyes closed. You come quietly into the room and set the food on a worktable. You slide into a chair in front of the desk and say nothing.

“You owe me big.” I say without opening my eyes. “Shhh. Don’t say a word. I got the file back. And I backed it up. I’m trying to decide what to do now.”

You wonder what I mean about deciding what to do now.

Penny said,“I’m trying to decide whether to fire your cute little ass, send you back to your old job, or what.”

You are taken aback a little at the reference to your “cute little ass” as I have never made any kind of overt remark about you before. But you feel badly enough about this situation that you decide to say nothing until I ask.

“If you were my daughter I’d give you a sound spanking and call it a lesson learned.” I say, almost as if I am talking to myself. “Do you have anything to say for yourself?” I ask.

You look at me and I open my eyes. You find yourself staring into my eyes looking intensely back at you.

“I really am sorry. I don’t know what got into me. I know we’re to back up everything. I always do. I guess I just got excited with the new job and all. I’ll do whatever you decide, just please don’t fire me.”

Staring across the desk at you, I watch you closely as I say,

“You will really do anything I want to rectify this situation?”

You feel a shudder of emotion course through you as you watch me. You can’t help feeling you know where this is going. And you’re not sure that maybe you like the idea.

“I’ll do anything to make up for this.” You say with genuine sincerity.

I stand up and walk across the room to the door. I close the door and slip the lock.

“If you mean that, stand up and take the skirt and blouse off and prepare for a spanking.” I say with directness.

You stand rather shakily and begin to remove you skirt. I watched as you unzip the skirt and slide it down your hips. You stand on one leg then the other as you slide the skirt off. I can’t help think that you have really nice legs. You fold the skirt and lay it on the chair seat. You remove the blouse and fold it neatly also. You turn to face me. You are now standing before me in a sexy bra and panties.

“I am ready for my spanking Penny.” You say to me in a quiet voice.

I walk over to you and take hold of your arm. You feel the warmth of my hand on your skin and shudder a bit. It is not new to you to have some feelings for me. You have allowed yourself to have some brief moments of fantasy about me. But what you don’t know is that I have ALSO been thinking and fantasizing about you.

I lead you to the desk and clear a space on the desk.

“Lean over the desk.” I order. You lean over the desk placing your forearms on the desk so that your forearms and elbows are resting against the desktop. This places your cute little ass in a most appealing position. I place my hand in the middle of your upper back between the shoulder blades. I slide it down your back slowly and lean in close to your face.

“This is forever going to change our relationship, Alison . For me it’s a fantasy come true. You can get dressed and walk out and come back tomorrow and take your old job back. And no one will be the wiser. Or you can stay and take the spanking and see where this all leads.”

Your only answer is to push your ass up a bit and spread your legs slightly.

I step back and with no warning slap your right ass cheek with a paddle.

You jerk with surprise.

Slap on the left cheek……………slap on the right cheek……Slap on the left….

Each slap of the paddle becomes just a bit harder than the last. You begin to wiggle a little and your mouth opens…..your breathing becoming faster.


I reach over and feel your pantie clad ass. It’s getting warm to the touch.


You’re breathing becomes harder and you begin to moan softly. I slide my hand between your thighs and push it upwards and cup your pussy.

Oh, my god.” You moan.

“HHmmmmm. Penny’s little princess is wet! You LIKE it when Penny spanks her little girl’s ass. Don’t you?”

“Y…yes, Mama. You make me soooo hot. Please don’t stop.”

I reach for the waistband of your panties and lower them down your sexy thighs.

You wiggle your ass for me to assist me in getting them down. I then place both hands on your cheeks and rub them sensuously. You whimper softly under my touch.


Each slap of the paddle is getting harder and harder. Your ass cheeks are turning red and sending shivers of heat over your ass and pussy. You begin to moan in earnest.

“Now little girl. I’m going to give you ten more. You’re going to thank me for each one and ask me for the next one. Do you understand me, little one.”

“Yes, Mama. Thank You Mama for taking such good care of your little girl.” You say in a soft voice.


“Oohhhhhh. That’s one Mama. Thank you Mama. May I have number two now, Mama?”

I make you wait a long 30 seconds.


“Aaawwww…… Thank you Mama. May I have number three now Mama?”


“oh…uuuhhhh. Thank You Mama. That’s three. May your little girl have number four please now Mama?”


“Ohh god. Thank you Mama. Oh please Mama. Give me number five.”


“Oowww…..please Mama. It hurts soooo goood. Please Mama. Number six, Mama. Pleassseeeee Mamaaaaaaa”


By now you are wiggling all over the place and it’s obvious you are hot.

Before you can respond again in any way other than moaning and whimpering loudly, I bring the paddle down hard right across both cheeks.


You collapse on the desktop, whimpering and crying softly. I step up behind you and you feel my hands on your hot ass. Then you feel one hands slide down between your legs and begin to stroke your pussy. You are hot and wet. I lean into you and whisper softly in your ear.

“It’s OK, Becky. Penny’s going to make it all better.”

You turn your head and look at me. I gently kiss away your tears and slide my finger deeper into your hot wet pussy. I kiss your cheeks and eyes and then slip my lips to your lips. I look into your eyes just before I kiss your lips. You return the kiss with passion, the lust taking over your hot little body

rm_tallguy1411 51M

11/26/2005 2:57 am

Liked that very much. Have done the same but boss to assistant,Not as much spanking but lots of fingering and fucking.

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3/29/2006 9:30 am

got me a little hard

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