I have to change and don't mean my knickers !!!  

BiCollegeGirlie 31F
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8/11/2005 3:45 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I have to change and don't mean my knickers !!!

Don't let 'em get where they're going to
You know they're only what they think of you
You heard of this emotional trickery
And you felt like you were learning the ropes
But where you're going now you don't know

I want to apologize for being such a downer lately… I have been really just..I cant explain. Just feeling like crap…dealing with a lot… a lot. And before anyone assumes they know.. just STOP. Because you DON’T. There is ONE person who actually knows what the source of my pain is…and most of you probably wouldn’t’ guess its them.
Anyways..the point is im gonna try to be happier and easier to handle. Im sorry if I’ve caused issues or anything or angered people with my behavior…

And when the kids on the street say
What's your problem girl
And the weight of their smile's just
Too much for you to bear
When they all make you feel
Like you're a problem girl

I want to be happy…and im planning on taking my celexa on a regular basis now. So that will help…and all of you wont have to deal with depressed me anymore…

Pride like promises can let you down
You thought that you'd be feeling
Better by now
You worry all the things they could do to you
You worry about the things they could say
Maybe you're seeing things the wrong way

CaboWaboVHnut 56M
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8/11/2005 8:39 pm

Take your Meds Girl !!! DEPRESSION IS A BITCH FROM HELL !!! Peace !!! Cabo !!!

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