rules of engagement  

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7/11/2006 4:50 am

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12/20/2012 12:29 am

rules of engagement

loka: did it make the sex hotter for u guys?
623: oh yes it did
623: i also enjoyed wathcing him be with u also
loka: id love to do it again with u guys...between u licking me and him fuking me i was in heaven...

i take this little excerpt into mind anytime i consider a the end...will the sex be hotter for the couple???and at the same time...will the couple give me what I want and need...3sums are a very touchy matter...both for the person who is the 3rd party..and the couple...

ive had my share of 3sums...some good some bad...but i would guess that certain rules need to apply to both parties...
whatever those rules maybe...make sure that they are set and stated before engaging in any activities....that way the more the merrier and every one cums out in the sex to u all...

KimbarkSon 65M  
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11/5/2012 10:24 am

I think that the first rule is this. The women have to be into each other. The second is they have to be secure in their own roles. The significant other has to realize that the new woman is not trying to take her place. As far her man is concerned, her pussy is still gold plated and the new person is all right but not as good as what they have at home. The third rule is to feel free to be yourself. If you're looking over your shoulder at what someone else is doing, you can't enjoy yourself that goes for both men and women. I know some men feel insecure about an MFM threesome because they wonder if their woman will like the other man's stuff too much. Don't worry about it. You're both there to give her pleasure. Make it a team effort. See what you both can do cooperatively to turn her out. Those are my suggestions and not necessarily rules. Have fun and be safe.

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