Racist crap in chat room  

Berlinski 45F
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8/19/2005 11:00 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Racist crap in chat room

I'm an ultranationalist. Afetr the pacific war, being an ultranationalist has been called a dangerous character.
Now they call it right wing.
If they have to say I'm a right winger, ok, I'll accept that NICK NAME. And low edu people who's pretending to be fair to everyone always give me this title<RACIST> I say it's a lack of understanding.
At first, bring your dictionary and look up <ultranationalist> and <right wing>in a dictionary, smart people would know those 2 are totally different from racism.

You will see my preferance is an asian man.
Have you ever noticed the word ASIAN doesn't point classification of races?
ASIAN doesn't mean yellow people, but means people grew up in asian countries and in its ideology.
Mongoloids are the majority as you know, but sure it includes many other kinds of race.

What about Europeans? are they all caucasians?
I know black europeans, yellow europeans, and hispanics, off couse. They are all Europeans who were born and raised in Europe and were taught European ideology.
Am I saying something wrong here?

I'm not saying I refuse any other races except Mongoloids, I'm saying I like ASIAN ideology.

OK, let me talk about white crap.
YES I hate whites and I can get along with Europens and Americans as I have had chance to live in Europe and the US. Aussies? no problem, they are just fine for me.
When I say white, it means people who stick to poor conception such as having bright skin color should be gifted...I think they lost decent western beliefs.
they strongly believe they are allowed to be forcible and must be loved from ASIAN women for no reason.
I bet some yellow women sure do love whites,
but unfortunately those woman aren't ASIAN, they are just yellows even they grew up in Japan, they haven't been taught decent asian ideology and Japanese nationalism.

Hi I'm 22 white male in tokyo, any japanese girl wanna chat cam 2 cam?
If you are a white, you only can pick up yellows, but not Japanese. And don't you ever tell me that you are an American or European
You are not either of both, you are just BEING a white.

This is my principles of life, ok now, who wants call me a racist?
you can call me a right winger and an ultranationalist, and I'm proud of myself not being a racist.

OK folks, take a deep breath and think what you are here.
Are you an American or being a white? how abou you there, are you a German?? or just being a white like others? hey lady, yes you, are you an yellow? or an asian woman with Japanese nationality?
Did you guys find who you are ok?

Berlinski 45F

8/22/2005 12:38 pm


kriba64 52M
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12/11/2005 1:40 pm

Wow - I missed the starting of a great discussion. Maybe. Obviously - berlinski - you're thinking that pride and honesty are the main-components of being a nationalist, no, an ultra-nationalist. But sorry - I don't believe you are! Well I know, Japanese people are very proud - and usual western people often made the experience, not being accepted as an equal human existance, while working or living in Japan. But are they treated badly or are they only having the feeling of being ignored? It just the strangeness between different societies and education-systems. Well, I'm German and there are millions of stupid people around me, but they are still Germans - no way to change that. Same for Japan.

I totally agree with wind_up_bird01 - and, proud belinski, I'll join your company when you'll change its name into U.P.O.M.A.D (Ultra-Proud-Open-Minded-Against-Dullness)-World-Asociation

Whenever-whatever - like to here from you!

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