Peewee Berlinski's big adventure  

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8/19/2005 1:02 am

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Peewee Berlinski's big adventure

Never had erotic adventures in my life and not willing either.

When I first came to Germany, I didn't speak a word of German..... and I still don't, but NOW I know most important vocabularies <Damen> and <Herren> at least.

40munites later I landed up in Frankfurt airport, I was already in the hotel lobby and my water bag was almost rupturing for full.
Excuse me! could you show me where the bathroom is?
A man at the desk pointed on the corner, yes I saw there are 2doors. I threw my baggage away and just run toward where a man pointed.

aww! 2doors! what do I do! Damen?... sounds bit strong.
To Japanese people, damen doesn't sound something related to female. Then some one wispered English girl's name in my head.
At this momemt I didn't have time to think difference of spelling Herren and Helen.

Well, anyway I made it...

BUT, at my most peaceful moment in the private room, that thing happened.
I heard footsteps few people came in, and their voices weren't something I was suppose to hear in where I was. Men!....

ok... just wait for untill they leave.. no problem, I'm in the private room, they're not gonna find me..
Although I held my breath and hid in compartment, they wouldn't leave and one of them started talking on the cell phone.
I don't remember how long I was in there, they noticed some one in the compartment without making noises.. no wonder they thought something wrong with it.
Finaly they started banging on the door and saying something in German which I don't understand at all.
At last, one of KIND DUETSCHE VOLKS called hotel employee to open my fortress.
In the situation they supposed, there must be an emergency case, but an asian woman obviously has no problem in her health condition was smiling....

I left this phrase< I'm not completed yet, still have one between legs you know>
I don't know if they got it, and I don't wanna even know.
To avoid any confusion here, let me say this>>I don't have one since when I was born.

When Japanese people hear name of the country GERMANY, it always makes them think BENZ, BMW, Wrust, Beer. But to me, it's always crisis in the bathroom.

rm_gottime_4 41M

8/20/2005 12:34 am

バールはばかだね。Nice attempt at getting out of there smoothly. Unfortunately, when I hear, "Germany," I can only think of Kahn & Hasselhoff. Hahahaha!!
See ya later,
Freddie Hasselhoff-Kahn.

ki84hayate 51M
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8/20/2005 6:42 am


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