Tolerance as a goal  

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4/15/2005 6:27 am

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Tolerance as a goal

This rant is a little "off-topic" from the normal sex-talk in our blogs, but nonetheless I find AdultFriendFinder a very freeing forum to express one's thoughts and feelings, no matter what the topic. So here goes.

I can't speak for everyone, but like everything else generalities hopefully do not become prejudices, although I think this is part of human nature's subconscious built-in defense to try to categorize things, myself included. We must all try to see through the facade of the human shell which houses the individual inside as the older I get the more I realize we truly are all one, just in different colors, shades, sizes, shapes, and whatnot, but in the end individuals.

I feel sorry for those who do not resist the urge to become bigoted by their experiences. Surely we have come light-years from say just 20-30 years ago when there were separate drinking fountains for "negroes". God, what idiots we were, still striving to become homogeneous in our perspectives, yet still held back by the scars of our past history as the human race.

I have come to learn, and feel so much healthier for it, to open my ears and listen to what a stranger has to say before seeing the color or their skin or the accent of their language. It is in the end very gratifying for both myself and the stranger to reach this point as I believe it is mostly our subconscious which has locked into the broken logic of prejudice, again, probably from millions of years ago when it must have had some survival purpose.

Today, thanks to those who have strived for freedom and equality we are at least heading in the right direction. Perhaps some day we will all have shed our faulty beliefs that "they" [whoever they may be] are all the same, as we rationally know this simply could not be further from the truth.

I was fortunate to have been brought up in a household which never spoke in a way to mold me into a bigot. Of course the sad truth is that to this day to one degree or another there still exist great inequalities due to how you happened to be born, or where. Only the strongest of those who fall into the subcultures somehow forge forward against all odds and being a while male can't help but think how easy I've had it and how hard it would be for example just to be a woman, or a non Caucasian, or a foreigner with an accent, to get through the day-to-day insults and barriers which they must live with.

Can't we all just learn to get along?

Just my vote for a little more tolerance.


wanderlust1176 41F

4/15/2005 8:01 am

Right on Brother.
A funny note your post brought to mind.
I was brought up in a household where racism was present, and have spent most of my adult life changing my thinking. You are right, what we may believe logically does not always translate to our feelings, we may feel repulsed even if it doesn't make any sense. But anyway, a few months ago my mother said to me " I was watching Dr. Phil the other day, and I realized that I am racist." No shit, Ive been telling her that for years, but it is amazing to watch how she now keeps her negative feelings to herself.

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