Kitchen Untensils  

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4/14/2005 9:38 am

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Kitchen Untensils

The thought occurred to me one day that in addition to all the great sex toys available in the sex stores that I was limiting my choices of implements by not considering the wide array of wonderful kitchen utensils available in a gourmet kitchen supply store that has all kinds of metal, wood, plastic, implements for cooking!

So I went to one of the City's largest kitchen supply places, and started browsing. I was dazzled by the huge variety of different shapes, textures, materials, sizes, of common kitchen tools, utensils, etc. which could be used as sex toys. What an incredible selection.

Of course no one knew what I was doing, but I eyed up each and every implement from the perspective of it's potential for sexual use. Some many terrific items to choose from. I loaded up my hand basket with about a dozen or so utensils, paid, and left the store.

Got home and had to choose where to start, which to use first, so many possibilities, so little time

Needless to say there were new found uses for the most common of kitchen tools you may already have at your disposal, and if not, plan a shopping trip ASAP ! ! ! ! !

For example, the picture I took of a "whisk" at the left is anatomically perfect for inserting the polished aluminum handle up my ass. Haven't figured out yet what to do with the whisk part

Who says you can't have fun with a rolling pin !

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