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8/30/2005 9:45 am

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I’m thinking about space, time and reality. Chopra said that reality has holes in it and sometimes we can find those holes and slip into an alternative reality. I’m way paraphrasing here.

It’s a little hard to wrap the mind around all that, but the philosophy has potential. Life is indeed full of potential, even for us unconventional types.

There isn’t a whole lot I would change about my life, because I’m happier now than I’ve ever been. Just wish I could have a few more people in it…very select people…rare and unusual people.

I have my little family and beyond that, relationships get dramatically more distant. A few close relatives, a precious few close friends (1), several friends and lots of friendly acquaintances. Friends are more and more difficult to come by, because so many people have lost their capacity.

Seems to me human beings should value truth, integrity, loyalty, empathy and compassion…
But anymore, it seems like so few do. There is such a thirst to control and dominate, to fence everything and everyone in and own it/them. I just can’t march to this drum, so I may as well live on Mars.

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