Interesting weekend  

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8/21/2005 11:39 am

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Interesting weekend

Strange story. I'll start here: my inlaws came to visit for the weekend and we had a great time. My mother-in-law is only 4 years older than me and she's way foxy.

My father-in-law is a nice guy and fun to be around, despite the fact that he is a major control freak. He has the strongest need to control that I've ever observed and his wife has to go through the motions of being an "obedient woman" as offensive as that is according to my own personal philosophy.'s really not possible to control a person who doesn't really want to be controlled. They find ways around it. I have it figured my mother-in-law is given to affairs as her way of affirming her liberty as a human being and a woman.

One morning, several years ago, we were all sitting at the kitchen table, having breakfast. I was sitting on the end and mommy-in-law was sitting at the right angle next to me. Only I could see that she had allowed her robe to fall open and she wasn't wearing any panties.

She gave me a good twenty-minute view and I well appreciated every second of it. That's it...since that morning, never so much as another glimpse and nothing like that had ever happened before. She's always quite proper around me.

I considered she might not have known she was giving me a show, but I had my wife sit like she had and she assured me that there was no way her mom couldn't have known what she was doing. I'll probably never know why she decided to bestow this blessing upon me, but it was one of the most unusual experiences of my lifetime.

I always welcome and appreciate a cheap thrill--

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