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8/23/2005 10:55 am

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Life experience is vital to growth as a human being. We are spiritual beings on a physical journey and it is essential to experience the emotional and physical, the pain as well as the pleasure.

Being a hedonist, I prefer the pleasure. So much of the pleasure in life comes from pleasing others. In America, the sense of community is lacking to our detriment. We allow ourselves to be divided and set against each other in competition. This is one twisted culture, not to mention the sexual taboo and the resulting repression.

Something’s got to give.

I’m thinking about the war in Iraq, the false arguments for going to war, the outing of Valerie Plume, the patriot act, erosion of civil rights and the price of a tank of gas while the oil barons share the power with the evangelicals. Not much excitement about all this; quite a contrast comparing the deadly shenanigans going on at present and the Clinton impeachment and national obsession that went along with that…let’s see…was it lying about a blow-job?

I guess the thing to do is to block it all out–ignore it–make our own little worlds as peaceful as possible and do well to others at every opportunity. Then, hope for the best.

I would sure like to have a meet & greet, just for the purpose of knowing others who are willing to cross the line and experiment sexually; seems to me it’s the best tool we have for achieving some semblance of liberation.

Unfortunately, the meet & greets in the Black Hills area never seem to get off the ground. It’s so cliché, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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