The Lady and the Scarf  

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The Lady and the Scarf

She stood before me, her black leather skirt shiny in the soft light of the candle- the white blouse barely containing her marvelous breasts in its confines. I let my eyes travel from her deep, soulful eyes down the curve of her neck, over her chest and stomach and admired every millimeter I saw. The sweet curve of her waist and hips as they slowly turned into her legs, which were covered in black fishnet stockings. Just beneath the hem of her skirt- which ended mid-thigh, I could see the top of her stockings being held in place by the clasp of her garter belt...

Her black trench coat lay in a puddle on the floor around her feet. The shiny black ankle boots glinted and seemed to wink at me as I ended my visual travels at them.

The smile on her lips said she knew I like what I saw, and the way her eyes moved let me know she liked the way I looked in my black suit, short hair, and glasses. I stepped closer, moving one hand along her hip to the small of her back, the other to cup her chin as I kissed her. Her lips opened slightly as it deepened, the tip of her tongue flicking out to tease my lips. Her arms moved up my chest to wrap around my neck- pulling me deeper into the kiss that was growing hungrier by the second.

My body reacted to the kiss, stiffening slowly against her until there was no chance she could miss my arousal. My hands moved to cup her rear and gave it a firm squeeze as I pulled her closer, my own tongue gently easing between her lips to tease and play with hers. Her hands moved down my chest to unbutton my suit jacket and pushing it open as they moved lower still to toy with the buckle of my belt.

We moved apart as she slid her hands back up my body to slide my jacket off my shoulders and down my arms. Her breath was husky as she grabbed my tie, and pulled me down for another passionate kiss. My own hands pulled her blouse out of her skirt so I could move my hands underneath it to feel the skin of her back against my fingertips. She ground against my hardness... little sighs brushing my lips as we kissed harder...

I undid the lowest button on her blouse, then the next… toying with the third a little before undoing it as well. Her hand moved to the back of my head, and clenched in my hair as she pulled tighter against her lips in a fierce kiss of need. I slide my hands through the opening made by the unfastened buttons, and moved just my fingertips across the gentle curve of her waist towards her back, where I stopped. My fingers traced little shapes on her lower back as I nibbled her lower lip.

Her hand clenched in my hair again, and her other hand slowly loosened my tie until it was undone. She simply let it drop to lay on the floor with her trench coat. A sigh escaped her lips as I kissed her chin, and gave it a little nip, and she ground harder against me. Her hand moved along the front of my shirt, clenching slightly as my lips moved along her jaw line to her earlobe. She gasped as I sucked on it, and bit my neck hard enough to send a jolt of pleasure through me.

My hands moved to the zipper of her skirt, skimming over the firm cheeks of her ass as they did so. Her hands moved down to grasp my belt, and loosen it. I moved my finger along the line of her zipper as she did the same to me… both of us quivering at the touch. Her breath brushed my neck as she moved against my body- light little gusts as her breathing quickened. My own breath was ragged with the desire I was feeling for her.

She slid one hand up to my chest, grabbed onto my shirt, and pulled me even close as she kissed me deeply. Her hand twisted the material as sucked on my tongue, the button popping off to disappear into a corner. She groaned against my lips as I got even harder, my hand sliding her zipper down so that her skirt slid down to the ground as part of the growing pile of clothing.

I felt cool air on my manhood as she unzipped my pants and then the warmth of her hand as she reached in and touched me. I at the touch, making her moan with pleasure. She pulled me out, and wrapped her fingers around my length. Her other hand loosened my belt, and undid the button of my pants… They too became just another thing on the floor. We still had our shirts on, but we didn’t seem to care as long as we could feel naked, hot flesh with our hands. My fingers skated over the curves of her rear and hips- running along the line of her garter belt. Her chest moved against mine, the fabric of our tops teasing our nipples.

I picked her up, and wrapped her legs around my waist as I carried her over to a chair… The shaft of my hardness pressing against her clit and slit. She wiggled, trying to capture me inside her, but I held her firm- giving her ass a solid squeeze, bringing a long groan of lust from her. I sat her down in the chair, draping her legs over the arm. I gave her one last kiss before stepping away from her. I let my eyes travel along her stocking clad legs to her garter belt, and the heavenly place that lay between her legs… I twitched with anticipation as I saw she wasn’t wearing panties… my mouth watered at the prospect of what she tasted like…

She looked up at me with a smoldering look of need, her breath heavy. Her hands rested on her knees, and her fingers slowly moved in little circles against her own skin before sliding down her thighs to her wetness, opening it slightly so I can see the glistening nectar inside.

“Fuck me…” her voice deep, husky… starving…

“I will, luv… put I have something special for you tonight.”

I knelt down and reached under the chair to reveal a long, dark green scarf. I smiled up at her as I stood up, and moved to her side… my hard rod sticking out as if seeking her. Her hand moved to touch me, but I stopped her, “Not yet, luv,” my eyes glinting with excitement at what I was about to do. Her eyes lit up with delight, and her lips curled into a sultry smile.

Her voice was like silk, ”Mmmmm… yes… do it…” I placed her arm on the chair arm, and looped the scarf around her wrist a couple of times before securing it with a knot. I then wound the scarf up around her arm, letting my finger tips move along it’s length. She shivered, her hips squirming as her arousal grew even more. I positioned the scarf around her eyes so that she would be only able to hear and feel what was to come. I then continued to roll the scarf around her other arm and tying her wrist to the chair as well…

I leaned close enough so she could feel the heat of my body as I whispered in her ear, “How’s that, luv…?”

A smile, a purring sound, and the sight of her arching her back was the only response…

I then knelt before her and placed my fingers at her ankles as her legs draped over the arms of the chairs. She gasped at the touch, her body giving a little jerk as the sensation rushed through her. My fingers moved up along her calves as I leaned forward towards her waiting pussy. As she felt my fingers moving along her legs, and felt my breath getting closer, she squirmed and whimpered with the need burning inside her. As my hands passed her knees, I placed my palms against her thighs, adding to the sensations she felt.

By now, my face was close enough that I could smell her arousal, the fragrance exciting me even more than I already was. I slowly slid my hands along her inner thighs to her pussy as my lips came in contact with her. At the moment my lips touched her, she bucked her hips forward. I grabbed her ass and squeezed it as I held her in place. My tongue circled her clit and slid along the lips. She tasted divine to me, and I eased my tongue into her.

She howled as my tongue penetrated her pussy and I started to move it in and out as if it was my hard cock. She tried to grind against my lips, but I held her fast so that I dictated the amount of contact between us. I heard her growl as she tensed up trying to move her hands. This in ability to move seemed to add her hungry as she started gasping and moaning…

“Ohhh… fuck… yes… eat me, you bastard… fuck me with your tongue… yes… fuck…” The sound of her voice spurred me on, as I moved my tongue around her clit in rapid circles, giving her ass another firm squeeze. Her hips moved back and forth on the cushion of the chair, “Please… fuck me… make me cum… lick up my cum… tongue my pussy…”

I sucked her pussy lips and teased them with my tongue, swirling it against them as I enjoyed the taste of her… the feel of her… the sight of her… the sound of her…

I slid my tongue deep into her, and rapidly began to move it in and out of her… sucking on her lips as I did so. Her nectar trickled into my mouth… the taste like heaven on my tongue. My hands massaged her ass with each thrust of my tongue until suddenly, she arched her back and came, “Yeeeeessssss… fuck yes… fuck yes… fuuuucckk…” She ground hard against my lips as her orgasm washed over her, her pussy tightening and relaxing around my tongue as it moved inside her. As she collapsed onto the chair, I licked the bits of her juices that had smeared on her inner thighs before standing, and placing the tip of my hardness against her entrance.

“Now… I’m going to fuck you, luv…”

With that, I thrust into her all the way with one motion. I glided into her wetness until the very base of me pressed against her body. Her pussy spasmed around my shaft, and she screamed with pleasure. Her body accepted me entirely as I ground against her- stimulating her clit even more. I leaned forward and kissed her- thrusting my tongue into her mouth as if it was my cock. She hungrily sucked on it as I moved back all the way and drove into her again. My hands rested on the back of the chair so that the only real contact between us was our lips and between her gorgeous legs.

Her body jerked as she tried to move her arms… the only sounds coming from her were gasps, moans and growls that excited me more and more as I filled her with my cock. My hips moved slowly back so she could feel every inch of me before powering into her until my balls slapped against her ass cheeks. Her hips moved in an attempt to pull me in even further… her arms straining to wrap around me. I kept the rhythm slow and hard- savouring the sound of her excitement and need. I grew even harder inside her as we fucked… her wetness coating me and letting me slide easily back and forth.

“God… yes… like that…” She grunted, a lust inspired snarl on her lips. Her body trembled and jerked with spasms as waves of pleasure coursed through her. Her breath came in pants as all sensation was cut down to just the feeling of my cock slamming into her. I could feel the heat coming off her body as we moved closer to mutual climax.

I began moving faster- putting more force into my thrusts. She was so wet that her sweet nectar splashed on my balls each time I entered her. Her pussy started clenching and relaxing around my cock as I fucked her deeply. Her hips thrust back as I drove forward, tightening each time around me… milking my length harder and harder…

I wanted nothing more than to make her cum again… to hear her scream out with the pleasure I was giving her. I wanted to feel my cum fill her, and mix with her own cum. I wanted to give her everything I had.

My own breathing became heavy as I pile drived my cock into her. The sound of our bodies coming together mixed with the incoherent growls, gasps and grunts we were making in our burning need for release. Her head thrashed back and forth, the scarf giving her just enough lee way to do so while keeping her blindfolded and concentrating on the feeling of my body joined with hers. Her bound arms tensed and pulled on the material tying her to the chair arms- her hands clenching and opening as if she was trying to grab onto me.

My head lowered until my lips were next to her ear, my raspy breath brushing her earlobe with each laboured exhalation. She swung her head around and captured my lips with hers in a fierce kiss, her tongue driving into my mouth with hunger to taste me. I pressed my lips against her with the same hunger… knowing I couldn’t hold back much longer.

I could feel my sac tightening, and my legs trembling with the building pressure of my oncoming climax. “I want you to cum,” I gasped into her kiss, “Cum for me… please… cum for me…” I started bucking my hips into her with as much power as I could- jolting her body with each forward drive. My cock flexed each time I buried myself into her… preparing to cum…

Her mouth moved to my shoulder just as her orgasm came upon her. Her teeth clamped down hard into my flesh as she came. I felt the sting of her teeth and the wash of her juices as her pussy tightened even more- not even allowing me to move. It pulsed and throbbed around my hardness, the heat warming my own hot cum even more. Again I felt her teeth sink into my shoulder, and felt a slight trickle of blood and a sharp knife point of pain.

It was too much. I screamed out as I ground against her and started to cum. My hands squeezed the back of the chair as my seed poured out of me and into her… I could feel her body milking my cock of every scalding drop… Her body bucked and thrashed in her own orgasm- her mouth adding more bite marks to my shoulder.

All at once, she collapsed on the chair, gasping for breath. The scar had slid upwards just enough to reveal one eye that was closed as she simply gave in to the sensations she was feeling… Her chest heaved as she drew in deep breathes, just like I was. Her body twitched and trembled with after shocks from her climax…

Once she’d caught her breath she looked up at me with the one eye I could see, and smiled. I asked her, “How do you feel, luv?”

“Mmmmmm… Like wrapping my body around yours and falling asleep all warm and comfy…”

“I can arrange that…” I undid the scarf, and unwrapped it from around her arms and head. I then lifted her into my arms, and carried her to the bedroom.

“… and when we wake up, I can arrange something else for you…”

rm_jlinburnaby 58F
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9/4/2005 1:00 am

hot! pretty decent writing... and makes me want to um... well.. experience a scarf.

BeefStew1972 44M
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9/4/2005 11:24 am

LOL- Well, I do have a very long scarf like this that I made myself.

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