Why I Love Being A Mom (Mushy, but worth it)  

Beckoning_BBW 39F
8/28/2006 3:09 pm
Why I Love Being A Mom (Mushy, but worth it)

Well one of the mom sites I frequent is having a contest for some prizes
Most of the other moms who have answered are way super mushy with thier answers which is just fine, it just isnt me, so I am hoping my originality earns some points with the judges.... *SMILE*
I used to love writing, and i KNOW i dont do it often enough, so when something like this comes up, I jump at the chance to do it. I wrote this all in one take, in 21 minutes.

and the question is

Why I love Being a Mom....

I get to hear.....
crying, laughter, screaming, fighting, happiness, giddiness, lies and truth

I get to see.....
growth, joy, surprise, discovery, boredom, desire, sorrow, vulnerability, kindness, frustration, courage, fear and shyness

I get to feel.....
hugs, hurt, kisses, glad, fatigue, sad, proud, confused, pleased, patient, anger, respect and love

I get to be a Queen of all trades.....
cook, physician, referee, taxi driver, seamstress, coach, au pair, housekeeper, photographer,
hairdresser, teacher, librarian, receptionist, bodyguard, police, lawyer and judge

I get to be...
I get to do...
I get so say...
I get to feel...
so much in my life, now that I am a mother.

Not sure why the powers that be, allowed ME to be responsible for not one
or even two children, but FOUR of them. I mean really.....what were
THEY thinking?????

There is no specific answer for why I love being a mommy. To answer
that question in full would take hours, days, weeks and I would still
end up leaving important things out.

So the answer to your question in MY words???

"becasue I do"

Thanks for reading

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8/28/2006 4:13 pm

That was wonderful. Good luck to you!

TickleMeBBW 36F

8/28/2006 4:20 pm

That's beautiful...

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