Sorry honey, I have a headache....UGH  

Beckoning_BBW 39F
3/2/2006 9:59 am
Sorry honey, I have a headache....UGH

I mean for the greater good of the world, lets find something ELSE to say when you dont want to have sex.

When hubby wants to have sex, I give it up, sure why not....there might be a time when I really want to fuck, and even though he isnt up to it, he will be a nice man and do it right....WRONG

Last night, I was super horny, oh my god the things I wanted to do.....lets just say I was pissed off and managed to fall asleep by about 10:30

So.....if you took the time to read this, let me know what else we can use instead of I have a headache...

UGH, a simple NO, would have sufficed.....if the kids weren't home, I would have screeched in his ear really loud giving him something more than a headache....

Have a nice day

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Respitation 37M

3/7/2006 10:24 pm

Weeeeellll, here goes: I'm just not into it right now, I just had a baby, I have other things to do, You smell bad, I haven't had a shower in a while, I feel like an object, Why can't you just wait, You're never satisfied so why try, Sometimes it feels like your getting ideas from that adult website and i don't like it, I have an infection, I feel a cold coming on, The kids are just going to wake up anyways, Maybe if you buy a new couch.

There's a few to add to the stable. Gimme another month and I'll have some more. If my wife said, "Oh my God I'm so horny, the things I want to do right now," and I had a brain shattering headache that rendered me blind, I would pound a bottle of tylenol and advil together and get down to business. Perhaps the blood would drain from my head relieving the pressure in my sinuses thus relieving the headache.

I'm not bitter, though, really.

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