I've been taken to school and back...hell yes it was worth it!  

Beckoning_BBW 39F
3/9/2006 7:43 am
I've been taken to school and back...hell yes it was worth it!

~~This was a bit longer than I had originally anticipated it to be...grab a cofee~~

The last month or so in my life has been just plain WOW.
For the most part he has no problem with me seeing this 45 year old married-one-partner-in his-whole-life-man.
We have been seeing eachother since the fall once every two weeks, which was fine for me.
During 2006, I didn't see him the month of January at all, but we spoke on the phone, emailed, etc.
All this time we have been busy getting to know eachother. To my surprise at this point there hasn't been much going on sexually between us. Again, I am okay with this.
His wife was to go away in February for 10 days and holy shit, we had each days activities penciled in. This was going to be a week of sex, sex and more sex. Well unfortunately, there was a passing in his wifes family so she went for a total of two weeks....Well, well, that was very fortunate for me indeed.
I had spent months and months telling him what I wanted, what my body needed. I wanted everything to go just awesome.
Well after the first few hours together he told me that what I told him I wanted, was most certainly NOT what my body needed. Of course I was dumbfounded. It is my body, I should know wha it wasnt right.....
WRONG.....alllll wrong......

For two weeks in the month of February I was in a world that I had so never ever been to before and holy shit, I did not want to leave it.

Below you will find a list of SIX rather important (to me) myths and statements that were laid to rest in my two weeks of ultimate learning and pleasure. No pun intended in the "laid to rest" comment

1. My breasts are not dead to the touch
explanation~ I told him not to touch by tits, they do nothing for me, I dont get off on having anyone touch, lick or suck them so lay off...
It took him about a week of gentle playing, touching them when doing other things, and then yeah, holy crap...PLEASE TOUCH THEM

2. I do not masterbate (no really)
explanation~ I told him I do not use my fingers to get myself off. After laughing at me in a coy sort of way, he spent a couple of days on and off helping me out with that, which brings me to point number 3

3. I cannot and haven't gotten myself off
explanation~ Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be using my own fingers anywhere near my clit where enjoying a cock, fingers or a toy in my pussy. Again, after a few teaching methods I was able to get myself off only with clitoral stimulation....by me...woo hoo

4. OMG what the hell is that
explanation~ I have a g-spot (yeah, well duh) it is super deep and hard to get at, but holy hell, after some hard work I most certainly found out that it does exist

5. What do you mean I gushed?
explanation~ um, self explanatory, an extension of point four

6. Squirting...what on earth is that?
explanation~ Another partial extension of point five. Up until Christmas I had no idea what squirting was. But as the two weeks with eachother progressed, I sure as hell found out. WOW, is the only way I can explain that one. I guess there were a couple of day there where I was doing it all the time...Again, for me, WOW

I was so happy to enjoy all of these experiences. Although after having some sort of 'relations' every day for two weeks then boom, getting cut off and having to deal with it cold turkey was not fun. I could have swore I was going through withdrawl for the first 10 days afterwards. I was irritable, dizzy, naueseus, cranky.....lol

In the end, I am way happy that I got the chance to learn about myself and my body as up close and personal as I did.

It really does pay off well to have an excellent teacher...

Anyhow, it has been 15 days now since I last did anything of anysort....and it was with this man. God forbid hubby will have sex with me....yet he wonders why I want to keep seeing him.

Have a Wonderful Thursday everyone

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Respitation 37M

3/9/2006 10:19 pm

I'm jealous, wow!

I wish I was 45. Wait, no I don't. I have a question.

Would your husband (if he so wished) be able to show you the same things?

Is it like it's too awkward because you're so intimate or is it that he just doesn't have the will? I wish I was having wacky sex and finding all these hot spots on wifey-poo but I found that buying furniture seems much more stimulating to my wife then my body.

I've been working out like mad, I've added 7 pounds of muscle to my frame. Got a 6 pack, shaved my balls, and I ain't trying to impress anyone but her. I imagine her perfect ass and it's like if you flicked your fingers against my erection it'd be like *tingggg*. Gimme a hint, oh enlightened one. I don't want to send my wife to a 45 year old. Really now.

Beckoning_BBW 39F
2017 posts
3/10/2006 8:12 am

OMG you officially crack me up. I think you and I would match wit and humour like no other...then we can go furniture hoppping, I mean um shopping.
"Would your husband (if he so wished) be able to show you the same things?"
That is an easy one, NO!
I have recently come to the conclusion that hubby isnt going to be able to do much. We have sex, thats it. Nothing fun anymore, no teaching, learning, or exploring. I mean heck, if someone else can do it, why does he need to bother right?
Adding muscle, getting a 6 pack, nicely shaven, hell what woman would not want that.....

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