Don't even know how old I am????  

Beckoning_BBW 39F
2/23/2006 7:36 am
Don't even know how old I am????

I like to write
I like to talk
I like to think
I like to vent
Hell, I like a lot of things...

So a blog for me is quite fitting...

Okay well for today, I must admit I felt a little sheepish when a friend of mine told me to log and and asked me how old I was.
Of couorse I said, 28, why would I say anything else.
So why does it say you are 38 on your profile she says......
Well, thats simply answered...I am a moron....LOL
So if anyone who is reading this, happened to read my profile on February 22nd...I have nothad life altering surgery to erase 10 years of my life overnight, I just picked the wrong year
Although...1967 and 1977 arent THAT close together when choosing.
Nontheless, I hope you to find my blog humourous, useless at some times, and heck, even involve sex other times...

Have a great day

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wert59 50M
2480 posts
2/23/2006 8:54 am

Hey beckoning,,i did the same thing,,who cares that much i have no idea,,lusty lucky times to you,,
sven the english chef xxx

rm_SWSunset64 51F
3940 posts
2/23/2006 9:03 am

Welcome to blog land. Hope to read more of your posts.


thatsme422 40M

2/27/2006 1:42 pm

It could be worse...I did the same thing but ended up being "79!"

...I mean, I like older women just fine, but that was ridiculous

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