males as playtoys  

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8/7/2006 4:04 am
males as playtoys

Original Post date - Friday, December 30, 2005

I have long said that real subs are as rare as Domme. Lots of men love the idea of the role play. They want a sexual thrill and then to go back to "normal" life. This IS normal life for us. There is no way I'd consent to being Dominant only in the bedroom. And these men think they offer us something by giving us their body to play with.. um.. NOT. They make the mistake of thinking because they'd enjoy something (being given a woman to play with, sans strings) that we must want it also. They forget that in the sexual arena, women are always holding the cards. We are the suppliers and they the mere supplicants begging for their fix. We don't find having a male body for use in the bedroom interesting because we could always have it. It isn't rare or special. It takes no effort on the males part, and will most always be a pleasure to him.

The effort comes in when the man actually comes home, bone weary after a day of work and fixes dinner while you sit and read. Then after dinner he washes the dishes and does the chores, so that you don't have to lift a finger. After that, he comes and cuddles with you, just wanting to be with you as his reward. Once we've tasted that.. the gourmet treat of real service and submission.. how could we ever go back to the fast-food fare offered by these wanna-bes who just want to use us to get off. And when we reject them for their inadequacies, they call us bitter, bitch or worse. Anyone can claim the word submissive, but few males actually deserve the title. Fewer still deserve the term slave. Unless they are owned and actually involved in consensual slavery at the time they use the title, I have no respect for someone claiming to be slave. I mark them as players not understanding what being a slave IS or the dynamics involved in it. Sure, they may have been a slave in the past and desire it again, but unless serving, they are not a slave. But because they put these names.. sub and slave.. to themselves, we're to swoon and take them to our bosom; until they tire of the game and go back to "normal" life.

I don't consider myself bitter either. I feel I've a realistic view of "submissive" males built over the course of years. I am not a male playtoy or sex object and never will be. When men tell me how sexy they find me (other than hubby, who is allowed) I tell them that is their problem, not mine. I demand normal respect and restraint from strangers, male or female. And if a male can't manage to keep that in mind, and feels he must comment upon my large breasts, I find it needful to comment that the bulge in his pants looks awful small. That usually ends in a conversation about judging people by "size." Funny how they have to have their nose rubbed in the irony of complaining that I judged them on something that isn't their fault, when they just did the same to me. *shakes head* They also don't get the fact that a real sub would never press his opinions upon a stranger in such a rude way.

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