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8/7/2006 3:34 am
Oral Sex

Original post date - Monday, February 14, 2005

I can't tell you how many men have told me that their wives/girlfriends do not like being given oral sex. Considering that I don't know any women who do not like cunnilingus- and I know a lot of women- I have to wonder at these men. How can they not have figured out that the problem most women have with oral sex is that at some point in time, someone has made her feel uncomfortable at the way her vagina smells or has made her feel it is dirty. Another huge problem is that most guys suck at oral sex and it gets downright dull for the woman.

Really guys.. get a clue. Just as you're all sensitive about your penis, women are about their vagina. Criticize it and you can leave a lasting scar. Even light criticism done in jest.. like comments about fish or baking bread, can bring a halt to a woman's willingness to open that most private of places to you. Even if those comments were not directed at her, they can make her self conscious.

Ok, now.. you're men are all telling me that you loooove to give a woman oral. You could do it for hours, if only she'd let you. I'm going to give you a few pointers on how to get her to let you. I'm not talking about a Domme.. if a Domme tells you no to oral, deal with it. She knows what she wants and has no problems expressing it. I'm talking about vanilla women.

You need to convince her that you LIKE the way she smells. You can start out with taking a shower together if you think she may feel more comfortable if she is shower fresh. Tell her that you need to do this.. that while she'll enjoy it, it is something that is for you. Tell her she turns you on so much that you dream of worshiping her in this way. Tell her that her vagina is beautiful, that you long for the sweet taste of it. Tell her that tasting her juices sets your blood on fire. (we're assuming all of this is true of course.. don't lie.) Once you're in position.. let her know how wonderful it is.. take a lick, moan and thank her. Make it erotic as hell for her. Pay attention to how she reacts. You don't want her getting bored. A woman doing her nails while you eat her is NOT a good thing. It means you're doing a bad job. She should be moaning, wiggling and bucking her hips. . ok, well, however she happens to express pleasure. If she isn't expressing pleasure, ask her to tell you what feels good. You need to pay more attention to body language than to verbal here though. Some women are very shy at directing. You may have to wing it and see how it goes. There is always the alphabet on the clit thing.. If you've not heard of it, you trace letters of the alphabet over her clit with your tongue. You can also do swirls around the clit with your tongue.. try pointing it, try flat licks. . what does she seem to like. Build on that. Try reaching a finger inside of her. Run it along the upper wall of the vagina (like you wanted to tickel her belly button from the inside.) While you are in there, see if you feel a little area of skin that feels a bit different. If you find it, try tapping it or drawing circles on it with your fingertip on it while you eat her. If you don't find it.. try anyways, you may get lucky.

Don't forget your lips.. use them. Try lightly sucking her vaginal lips into your mouth. Lightly nibble on them. Suck on her clit unless you already know her clit is too sensitive for direct contact. Nibble the top of her butt cheeks right where her vaginal lips end.

I have to say it again.. PAY ATTENTION. When she likes something, do it again. Build up a repertoire of things she likes.

Now that you guys are all gung ho on trying to get your lady to open her legs again, here is some other reading on the subject of how to make it not be dull for her:

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