He likes it up the butt.. is he gay?  

BeachMystress 48F
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8/7/2006 3:54 am
He likes it up the butt.. is he gay?

Original Post date - Friday, May 20, 2005

Strap on Play... I wonder how many misinterpret the men who want it. While a man who enjoys strappy play can be bisexual, it is in no way necessary. Percentage wise, most men who enjoy strap on play seem to be straight with no desire to engage in any form of sex with another man.

Why do they want it then?

They are physically set up to enjoy anal stimulation. Their "G" spot is their prostate, and it is just some mean trick of Ma Nature that it is located up their butt. It is also a submissive thing. If you've ever been around animals, you might have noticed one male mount another or a female mount a male. It is a way of showing dominance. It is hard wired into us. Being taken that way just drives home the helplessness of the situation to some men. It looms as the ultimate in humiliation. It is a physical surrender that helps drive home the mental surrender.

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woodieman49 62M
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8/7/2006 6:31 pm

I have read a lot of storys on here about and most men enjoy anal play and there not gay.
The first time i talked a giel in to trying anal. She said the only way she would try it was if I let her do me with a dildo. At first I said no. But after a couple of week I changed my mind.
We got a book and it told us the best was to prep for anal sex. First there was a lot of for play for both of us then there were 3 enemas each then a lot of lube. she went first. I enter her very slowly taking it very easyly going deeper with stroke. After stoping and starting a few times she started moaning and pushing her hips back trying to take more. After about 10 min. she was going wild and orgasumed.
As she rested we talked and said how intence it was , at first it really hurt but then the pain turn into plasure.
In a few min it was my turn . she did not have a strapon just a dildo. She then spreed my cheeks and started inserting it in me and she was right it did hurt. But once the dildo started rubbing my prostrate I was as hard as a rock. this is when she had me lay on my back with my legs up and she really started working the dildo in me. Then I could feel myself starting to get ready to shooy my load and I did about 3 feet in the air.
So as for a guy being gay for liking anal play it normal. When something makes contact with the prostrate glan it becomes very senual.
I know thatwhen I am given enemas I have sometimes orgasum from the water aganst my prostrate.

timmy4038 34M

8/11/2006 3:56 pm

just cos he likes it up the arse doesnt mean he is gay

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