Forced bi and kissing  

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8/7/2006 4:22 am
Forced bi and kissing

Original Post date - Sunday, May 14, 2006

Once again, I'm using e-mail correspondence as my blog. One of these days I'll actually write one without it being spurred by a letter. *smiles*

love your profile...and you are quite stunning. I love forced bi play and would like to be in a LTY at some point, but am not sure about a few things. Is it possible to enjoy forced bi with a sub and have vanilla sex with him too ? cant imagine kissing him or being intimate knowing he had a cock in his mouth recently or that he had given or received anal. I LOVE to watch and direct this play though. It truly excites me, but no desire to be a part of it. I also love severe anal, but cant imagine making love with the memory of taking him he previous night with a strap on.

Your thoughts please......

Pleasure to meet you. First of all, there are two types of forced bi. The first being where the man does NOT want it at all, would never do it left to himself, doesn't ever think about it and truly does it only because you want it. The second, and the one you see more often, is where the male is curious about it but because of societal taboos will not try it on his own. The addition of the female and the "force" makes it "OK" for him to do it. You see, it wasn't HIS fault.

You might find it easier to have a LTR with a male who didn't want the forced bi for himself. You know that he'd never choose a cock over you. (Yes, it can become an issue. Some men find they prefer cock or become truly bi through forced bi play.)

As for kissing a man after he's had a cock in his mouth; you should be using condoms for both oral and anal forced bi. The only thing making the penis "dirty" is the semen ejaculated from that male. If you do not use the condoms, you are upping your partners (and your) risk of STDs. (Also, you should be using condoms on any insertable toys to lower the risk of transferring anything.) Since the penis is never coming in contact with the fecal material, you don't have to worry about the health risks in that particular way. You still have to deal with the mental image, but if you care about the male it is easily overcome.

Consider the reason you like to force men bi. Do you like it because it is humiliating to them? Is it nasty/dirty/exciting? The answer to that question will tell you if you can actually maintain a relationship with a male you force. If you do not respect them or are doing the forced bi out of anger or other negative emotion, you'll probably not be successful in a forced bi relationship.

Now, while I've enjoyed forced bi with prior partners, I'll not force my husband bi. We are sexually monogamous. To be totally honest, I'd be as jealous over him with another man as I would be about a woman. He is MINE. *grins* I'm one possessive bitch.

Now the strap on is another thing... Until I met my husband, strap on play was humiliation/power. Now it is another way of making love. The Domination aspect is still there, but it is more motivated out of love/lust. That doesn't mean all of our anal sex is gentle, just that it is not done to diminish him. It is hard to explain what I mean by that. *tries* While anal sex is about domination, it doesn't have to be about forcing domination. It can be an acknowledgement of something already well understood in the relationship. It doesn't have to be ass-ripping brutal to be very intense. It can be a wonderful bonding experience.

Why do you worry that you'll not be able to have vanilla sex with a man once you've stuck something up his butt? Just because it is different? You're able to eat Chinese one night and Italian the next. I will tell you though, the more Domme you become, the less vanilla sex there will be in the relationship.

Hope this helps some.

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8/13/2006 8:15 pm

really really dumb question perhaps, and i realize doing a search thru the magazines would surely give ready answers... but what is it like using a strap-on on a guy? i guess my main issue is that i really really want to do that, but i'm afraid of causing pain or doing something wrong. I figure "go slow, and stop immediately if your partner says stop" is just as valid a rule giving or receiving. I have a partner willing to experience that; I just need to get brave/confident enough in myself to try it. Any tips/hints???

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