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Original post date - Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sometimes, things are just right. I find it stupefyingly scary that I'm thinking of collaring someone I've known such a short while. I've been going over the reasons to wait in my mind.. None of those reasons compare to the fact that this relationship is RIGHT. I have a lot of experience. I'm not new to the relationship scene. I've been in love before, from mild puppy love to what I thought was once in a lifetime love. I know the symptoms of each in myself. I have a case here of lightning striking twice. I'm in the process of falling very deeply in love with him. He is perfect for me.

Now, am I perfect for him? He has very little in the way of relationship experience. He is very shy as far as women are concerned. I know how he thinks he feels about me. Since he has so little to compare it to, how can I know if it is real for him. How do I know it isn't just puppy love or infatuation. For that matter, how does he know? It is damned scary to hand your heart over to someone. At least I trust him and know he'd never play me. He's very honest. (and cheerful and cute and sweet and hella smart and .. oh, yeah.. I'm rambling..)

Anyways, the bottom line is I've been discussing collars and what they mean with my sweet boy. We are talking training collar, of course. Formal collars just aren't offered so early in a relationship or it devalues it. But even a training collar has a lot of meaning for me and I've never offered one to anyone before. It is daunting and exciting at the same time. We already have already forged the bond, so this collaring is more acknowledging it than creating it. His collar will merely be a physical manifestation of our emotional bond.

Speaking of the collar, it is going to be "world friendly." A 17.5 inch sterling silver "heavy curb" chain with a "tamper resistant" screw lock. It uses "snake eye" or "spanner" screws which are used in hospitals, schools, jails, public transportation or anywhere that casual vandalism is a problem. This type of screw has two holes instead of a slot or phillips and is only removed with a special tool. The tool is not something available in common hardware stores.

Now, I just have to decide the right time to offer it to him....

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