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5/19/2005 3:30 am

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Thank you stranger

Anyone that lives in Atlanta will tell you the traffic sucks. Attempting to get home requires paitence, planning, and a carefully timed departure from the office. I use the backroads and cut through many neighborhoods on my drive home. The traffic moves better and it helps to keep my blood pressure down.

Yesterday was another fantastic day in Atlanta, so I had the windows down and the system cranked. So far traffic hadn't been that bad and I was making good time.

As I got to the end of Hardscrabble (a street on my route) I saw a beautiful, slightly sweaty tall blonde. She was wearing brown stretch pants and a white top. Every time one of her feet struck the ground her perfectly shaped, firm ass would bounce just a little. I don't like skinny asses, I like round and ample asses. Her's couldn't have been any better if you drew it.

I couldn't wait to get close to her so I could say something, anything. Maybe she was tired and needed a ride. Maybe she was a nymph that enjoyed running when there were lots of voluteers out on the roadways. As the front of my truck pulled even with her she turned right and headed down a side street.

I was crushed, because in my mind I was already having sex with her I didn't react fast enough to turn down the side street. A moment later she was gone and nothing but the image of that perfect ass rocking back and forth in those brown stretch pants was left.

If by chance this girl was you please reply. I would stop at nothing to spend some time with you. Whatever it takes money, gifts, dinner, or a combonation of all I'll do it.

Gotta go for now. In closing I'd just like to say to all you women "keep running in the afternoon, it's the one thing that commuters like me look for to add a little something to our drive home."

On a seperate side note let me say to all you Lance Armstrong wannabes. "Stay the hell off of the roads during the rush hours!"


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