All I Want....  

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5/20/2005 8:33 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

All I Want....

I guess it's to difficult to meet someone here decide if you like them and then move on to the good stuff.

All I want is to meet you, decide if we like each other and make a fun couple then take it to the next level.

After dinner we could excuse ourself and head to a hotel. However, somewhere between the main floor the the parking deck the urge to have sex becomes to great to withstand. When the glass elevator makes it's way between floors you reach over and hit the stop button. We kiss and I begin to cup your firm ass with my hands. While still kissing you push my hands away and lift your skirt exposing your sexy thong. We stop kissing and you push me down towards the floor. As I make it to my knees I take your panties down to reveal your clean shaven perfect pussy. I lean in and give it a gentle kiss. You throw your right leg over my shoulder as I use my hand to spread your lis open and gently enter you with my tongue. Time is short so I quickly move to your clit with just a few licks your pussy is dripping from being so turned on. You pull your skirt above your waist and turn to press up against the glass over looking the city and the street below. "Put it in me" you say in a soft and sexy voice. I stand up spread your legs open just a bit more and slowly guide my dick into you. It's tight at first, but quickly opens up to engulf me. Your tight, wet, hot and feel so good. With the second stroke I reached around and freed your firm, ample breast exposing your fully erect nipples. As I continued my strokes in and out of you I began to lightly stroke your nipples giving them a light tug with every stroke. With the elevator alarm ringing in the background, and each one of my thrust into lifting you slightly off the floor your body starts to shake. A few seconds later I can feel the goosebumps all over your breast and see them spreading down your ass to your thighs. With the next stroke into your hot wet pussy I begin to feel the gentle contractions associated with an intense orgasm. Watching you cum is more than I can stand and the muscles in my legs start to tense. The sensation moves to my dick and with several uncontrolable strokes my dick erupts deep inside you repeatedly. You turn around and we kiss again. You lower your skirt, leave your panties off, start the elevator and look at me and say "Now that your warmed up let's get to the hotel and really get dirty!"

Well, that's all I want. It doesn't have to be in an elevator, but the intensity and feeling from a passionate encounter like that is what I seek. Is that to much to ask for??

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