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Looking for couples and ladies 25 and older to be part of a very special celebration!
Help make a lady's fantasy come true. Birthday girl will be blindfolded, will not know who, how many, or what sex. Guest of honor will be in Atlanta area the first week of July where she hopes her wildest dreams come true.

After talking this over with friends, I realized a lot of people would have the same or similar questions. I've put together this list of questions and answers that I felt would be asked by more than one person. So please take a look at the Q & A and if your questions haven't been addressed, contact me at this profile kittyandles Yhoo. I will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Please keep in mind that the Q & A you read here are question that people have asked to test what the boundaries will be. If you only read them you may get the feeling that this will be an extremely hard core throw it in your face kind of orgy. This is not, we are very laid back kind of people and no one does anything they don’t like or want to do. Again the questions were just top see if they could find activities that wasn’t ok with Kitty or me. No one expect any other guest to do anything they have read here.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Fantasy Outline

Party Theme
When asked if she wanted anything special for her birthday, my wife requested that I grant her a fantasy that we have discussed off and on for quite some time. She wants to be blindfolded and led into a room filled with people she doesn't know with no chance of ever knowing for certain who they are. She wants to be touched, fondled, licked, sucked, and fucked by any and all participants and give the same in return. We agreed on these rules: 1) she isn't to deliberately try to figure out the identities of ANY of the guests, 2) she must cheerfully accept any attention that is offered to her and eagerly comply with any request, and 3) she cannot remove the blindfold until all the guests have left.

The Setting
The guests will all be in the party room before the birthday girl is brought in. The lights will be low, but bright enough for photographing the birthday girl's fun! Music to set the mood will be playing in the background. There will be plenty of clean towels, wet wipes, washcloths, and bowls of water, soap, condoms, and lubricants nearby. We'll also leave room for any goodies the guests care to bring. There will be chairs and pillows around the bed should anyone wish to sit back and watch, or just rest for a bit. There will also be time before the birthday girl is brought in if anyone feels they need to freshen up.

The Grand Entrance
When everyone is ready, I will bring the birthday girl into the room fully dressed and blindfolded. I will guide her to a location near the table or bed and the guests will undress her piece by piece and touch and caress as they go. As they approach the birthday girl, they should be sure to touch her, pet her, or stroke her so that she knows another person has joined in. Everyone can and should take a few extra moments to give her body a good pet or touch if they want. Once birthday girl is completely naked I will lead her to the bed or table where she will be laid out for everyone to enjoy.

Play Time
Depending on the number of guests and available space around birthday girl, everyone should gather around and begin touching, playing, petting, stroking every inch of her body. Make sure there is no small piece of flesh left untouched or unexplored. About this point, you can do just about whatever you want to her.

Two Simple Rules For You
1. Birthday girl really loves giving oral to anyone so there really is no need to be forced. It's ok to gently hold her head or give an encouraging nudge and even holding her head to steady yourselves. Just don't be forceful.
2. Cumming on her face is only ok if it is NOT an act of humiliation. If you didn't get out of her mouth quick enough and you splatter on her chin or cheek that's understandable but she is not into humiliating facials. Everything else you want to do will have to be fine with her. You may also engage in activates with other guests along side of her. She would love to hear guests nearby making sex sounds not to mention feel the bed moving, hear moans, gasps, encouraging comments of what you like and want more of!!!

Half Time
About half way through everyone's play time the guests are to take time to clean up. Everyone should clean themselves as well as birthday girl. This will give everyone including birthday girl a chance to catch their breaths before play time resumes.

Wrap UP
As play winds down, guests are free to go as they need. Of course everyone is welcome to stay as long as the party is active even if we take several breaks to give birthday girl a chance to catch her breath and do whatever. Anyone can stay and watch or come back and play until they are satisfied or the hotel throws us out!

Questions and Answers

Q: Does everyone have to play with the birthday girl solely or can we have sex with other guests?
A: You can have sex with anyone there you feel like having sex with, assuming they feel the same too. Both Kitty and I want you to have as much of a good time as you are giving us. If you find another person there that you click with and they want to play too, then we hope you explore your desires. Actually if you do where Kitty can feel, hear, and / or smell your actions it would excite her even more. This is one reason we are getting a room with a king size bed so others can play around on the bed at the same time.

Q: It's a birthday party and I am a mystery guest. Should I bring a gift?
A: No, you ARE the gift! Nothing else is needed. If you like to bring something such as a bottle of wine (white wine is always good with light meat), it would be fine. But other than a token that could be shared, no gifts are necessary.

Q: Ok no presents, so what do I need to bring?
A: If you are into something specific you might want to bring things that would facilitate your fun. If you enjoy playing with your food and you get into eating strawberries out of someone's navel, you might want to bring some pre-prepared strawberries. Besides the above mentioned the only things you should bring are your body, imagination, a positive attitude and a willingness to have a great time.

Q: I have a friend that would be a great mystery guest. Can I bring them?
A: Anyone that isn't specifically invited by me will be turned away at the door. If you know a couple or lady who isn't on the guest list, email me with explicit info on these people and why you think they should be included. If there is room on the guest list, we can talk further. However, please be aware that I will need time to make a full evaluation. That includes a sit-down, in-depth conversation with the lady or couple (both partners, not just the dominate figure).

Q: Can I bring my pet and get real kinky?
A: If your pet passes my interview and I put its name on the guest list, then yes, you can. Tell me, what are the odds on this??

Q: Just so there are no misunderstandings. Are there any rules or guidelines for me as a mystery guest?
A: Sure, they were 2 in the beginning but they have been amended to only 1: Don't do anything you know a person doesn't like or wouldn't enjoy (common etiquette here I know) Moans and groans, gasping and general heavy breathing and general sex sounds are encouraged. I think it will add to her experience if she knows you are enjoying yourself.

Originally I had no talking but we found a problem within Kitty with that rule. I will ask that if you have a distinctive voice (like James Earl Jones) I would ask you to change it just a bit, speak softer, higher, or some way to change it just a little so she would have a difficult time recognizing it again later.

Q: Are there any rules for the birthday girl?
A: There sure are and I am glad you asked! She cannot try to remove her mask. She is not to try to figure out who you are (not that she would want to, it's just part of the fantasy). She is to do anything she is told to do without hesitations. And she is to TAKE whatever she is given no matter what it is (as long as what is given isn't outside the mystery guest's predetermined guidelines).

Q: Is she really ok with taking whatever she is given? What if my wife wants the birthday girl to eat her out until she orgasms, will she have a problem doing that?
A: She will have no problem and she will enjoy doing it. Birthday girl really does enjoy licking and sucking anything that is put in her mouth as long as it is clean!

Q: I have a foot fetish and enjoy humping a lady's feet and I enjoy toe sucking as well. Will the birthday girl have a problem with me fucking her feet or sucking her toes? Would she suck my toes or my wife's toes??
A: She will have no problem at all with any toe sucking, hers, yours or your wife's as long as you are clean.

Q: What if I fuck my wife's tits or pussy and cum all over them, will the birthday girl lick and suck her with my cum on her?
A: Gladly! Really, what difference would it make if you accidentally cum in her mouth or she tastes your cum on your wife? Just keep in mind that she isn’t a human vacuum cleaner though and we don’t want her to consume too much cum that will make her sick.

Q: Can guests French kiss birthday girl?
A: Sure, she would really enjoy that. Like I said, she loves anything oral!

Q: I want to make sure the birthday girl gets her fantasy come true. What are things the birthday girl likes?
A: Touching, stroking, groping, licking, sucking, and general probing everywhere on her body, and I do mean everywhere! She also really likes being the Main Attraction always gets her turned on about as quick as anything else. She likes being handled. The way she puts it, she is not a delicate flower and she wants to feel and hear the desire in the person interacting with her. She likes to feel bodies on hers, cocks rubbing all over her, tits pressing into her everywhere, not just the normal intimate areas. At the proper time she wants hard pounding, hard grinding, shoulder biting, back scratching orgasms on yours and her parts!

But probably more importantly I should cover what she doesn't like besides it's a much shorter list. There are only 3 basic things. Due to a couple acts of violent aggressions by perpetrators not to be mentioned here she has flashbacks when put into certain situations. What I have found to cause flashbacks are, forcing her down during an oral act. An encouraging hand, guiding hands, holding her head during the act are all acceptable, just don't grab and force her head down. She loves to give oral on anyone so there is no need to force anyway. Anal penetration, an anal will leave a person scared in many ways. Although she has worked through most of her emotional scaring we haven't prepared her anus for penetration with anything of size yet. Any ass play other than the aforementioned penetration would be acceptable and most likely enjoyed if she was turned on first. Acts of humiliation or degradation are not a turn on. Intentional acts like facial spattering for the sake of doing it is not a turn on for her. If by chance her face gets splattered during withdrawal is not a problem just don't shoot it there to be degrading. If she avoids these situations there isn't much of anything she doesn't like or would like to experience at least once, twice, or more.

Q: I can see there are potential situations where she could get into a mess (no pun intended). Are there safe words and if so what are they?
A: There will be safe words. There will also be hand signals in case her mouth is full at the time she needs to stop something. All signals will be covered before the party starts. Also, part of my role as facilitator will be to watch for distress and help her out of the situation.

Q: Why a blindfold?
A: Other than the obvious reason of not being able to see the mystery guest(s), a blindfold will greatly heighten the sensitivity of the other four senses. Also people rely on all their senses to fully communicate thoughts and ideas to your brain for processing. We often get caught up in wondering what another person is thinking or feeling by their looks, stares, smiles, or other facial expressions, not to mention body language. Sometimes we bring our own prejudice to the bedroom, even though we try not to. Some person's features might remind us of another person that we might not like or want to have sex play with. Being blindfolded removes all these things and one can enjoy the full sexual experience without any baggage.

Q: Is the birthday girl shaven or does she have a bush?
A: Shaven! When she is shaven she is a lot more sensitive and she wants to feel EVERYTHING this night! However because she is shaven a stubble beard eating her out will be uncomfortable for her and that means that you may not be able to eat your until your heart?s content! Beards that have grown out are fine as well as cleanly shaven, it?s just stubbles that bother her.

Q: Other than the things we have talked about (covered above) is there anything that could happen that it totally out of the question?
A: Actually I can only think of one right now. I know this is common etiquette however you did ask, there should be no unprotected anal intercourse and then expect to receive a blow job afterwards even if you go freshen up. It poses a health hazard and it just not happening with birthday girl. Other than that I can not think of anything.

Q: What is your role in all this?
A: For the most part I will be the communicator. Because this fantasy is so unusual, and requires no speaking on guests' part and she can't see, communications between the birthday girl and her guests will be severely retarded. I want to make sure the birthday girl has a good time and stays safe. I also will be taking pictures and video of as much of the action I can get on tape.

Q: I am concerned about being recognized in your video tape or pictures. What are you going to do with it?
A: I can understand your concerns. Let me assure you that the only face I am interested in is the birthday girl's and everyone else will be faceless bodies in and amongst the sea of other bodies. I am gathering a collection of images and footage for personal use and posterity. I will be working from digital media so editing and deleting will be quick and simple. If by chance I happen to get a profile or a face on media I can easily edit it out by deleting the frame or severely pixilating beyond recognition. Please if you have any worries, let?s talk about them and see if we can make arrangements that will be acceptable for everyone.

Q: Will the digital pictures or video be available to me?
A: Portions of them may be available for your pleasure. Just remember we have the same concerns of being recognized as you may have. Don't want out faces posted on the Internet for unknowable friends, family, or enemies to get a hold of and use against us. Contact me via email and let me know what you are interested in and we will make arrangements.

Q: Will I ever be able to see the party pictures on the Internet?
A: Possibly. If we make a posting somewhere on any private page (and we have talked about it for special friends), I would be glad to consider you for some form of access to the site.

Q: Not that it matters that much, but can I see what the birthday girl looks like before we get there? Perhaps in her birthday suit? LOL!
A: Absolutely. I have a couple pictures that I will be glad to send you. As for seeing her in her birthday suit, we will see about that so contact me directly via email.

Q: Is it ok if I shoot inside birthday girl?
A: Actually it's fine with me because all intercourse will be done with a condom so shoot inside if you really want to. However, I will be filming this and it makes for better cinematography if you withdraw remove your condom and shoot somewhere like on her tummy, ass cheeks, around her anus, tits, around the neck or anywhere that the camera can catch and she can feel too.

Q: Does the birthday girl swallow?
A: This question gets a little complicated to answer in this context. Under normal circumstances she really loves to swallow and the more you shoot the more she wants? but as you know this party is anything but normal. Also keep in mind that we are taping this and shooting inside her anywhere can't get caught on camera (However, I am still looking for an internal cam that is cheap). Also, if she swallows everyone?s load, she could take in a lot of semen and it may upset her stomach and cut our play time short. Think about it, no one wants a birthday girl purging a pint of the stuff back up on someone!

Now after saying all that, if her swallowing your cum is something you really get into just ask me before you do it and I will let you know if she has swallowed enough for the time being. And I know, if you do shoot inside her mouth accidentally she will eagerly swallow it down. Here is something you may or may not know, a guy?s diet has a direct affect on the taste of their seaman. A diet of vegetables and fruits (especially pineapple and pineapple juice for a couple days before the party will make their taste sweeter as oppose to a diet of lots of red meats and greasy foods make it taste bitter.

Q: Can anyone have some one-on-one time with the birthday girl?
A: Sure. Right there in the room so everyone can enjoy. Just let me know when you want to do it and I'll coordinate with everyone else.

Q: This whole party idea is rather kool. Have you had much interest in it?
A: YES! So far everyone I have talked with has given very positive feedback. If this party goes well, it could become an annual event!


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Hi,I have to check with my girlfriend to see if she can get free but this is something that we would love to do.COUNT US IN AND LET ME KNOW WHEN AND # is (404)787-6754.Thanks for the invite,Chip n Tina

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