Monsters vs Vampires and soulmates  

BbbiBabyGirl 46F
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12/26/2005 10:54 am

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Monsters vs Vampires and soulmates

Monsters vs Vampires

A friend and I debated about human nature and are dark side. He said that the beast inside us all is

a monster. I said yes but that monster is a Vampire.
The dark side of humans is a blood sucking, life draining Vampire that feeds on others destroying

those we love the most, including ourselves.

Is it his Vampire (which is really only a metaphor) that kills our relastionships or is it something

else? Like the Vampire who must feed so badly he gets addicted to the hunting and preying and then

the devouring routine we have choosen to adapt this pattern to loving.

The Soulmate example:
I ask who is your soulmate:

1) the person who irates the hell out of you and gets under your skin

2) the one who makes you feel alive and uphoric

Most would say the second one, but when the uphoria has had all the life sucked out of it will there

be only a void left or will you want more of the beast you have uncovered?
Is this love or self torture. The need to feed what is missing inside.
IF it was really love it would endure, never end, and survives because true love never fails.
Real love is not that uphoric rush of adrinalin that we have become addicted to. If you truely love

someone you will:
-work and fight to defend and protect what you have
-compromise and work as equal partners
-be self-sacrificing and be willing to die for that person
-you will willingly be both master and slave, each serving the other
All this is done while keeping your own identity.

So why do we never realize when real love begins?
Have we become to addicted to the uphoria and the spark of life from the jolt of infactuation?
The hearbreak comes when the uphoria and infactuation has been drained of life and been replaced

with the true of reality. Everything is exposed and we suffer withdrawl; needing more of that

initial uphoria. That's when we move on to our next victum and repeat the process. Its much easier

to start again then to fight and strive to rejuvinate what has faded away or spice things up.
We drain it and refuse to refill it cos its so easy to get a new one.

So are be blood sucking Vampires or Monsters which destroy everything around us?

I tend to believe that humans are vampires; destined to drain the l;ife out of everything; everyone

inorder to survive and feel alive.
This would be due to the fact that inorder to live we believe something must die.
Its the survival of the fittest. What does not destroy us makes us stronger.
Sounds like Vampirism to me.
Either way; be it a Vampire or a Monster, the dark side in all humans is some sort of dark

destructive creature.

Tejinashi 45M

1/6/2006 1:52 pm

Sounds like an interesting debate.....sounds like the sort of thing I'd like to get into more in life. Why are there so many women that simply want a guy who loves to go to bars, drink, and dance ? Firstly most guys don't dance (and if they do it is simply to get your attention - there is no 'truth' behind it), second of all - guaranteed no matter who you are he will see someone that catches his eye; that goes no where good 9/10 times.

Sorry - got rambling again.

As I have tried to discuss with you in the past - whether or not vampires exist depends on personal experience. If you consider a vampire to simply be someone that is somewaht quiet, mysterious, sombre and nighttime active then I am guilty as charged by your own words in my profile :Þ

Do you have a particular situation or person in mind with this description of a life-energy draining creature ? Most vampiris myths have the common thread of the life draining from the victim. The most commom symbol of life in earlier cultures was blood....perhaps this is what they were warning us about in their bedtime stories that most of us forget or dismiss ?

I wouls answer the person of the two that makes me think the most to your question. Euphoria is nice, but it is like a three person evening - an entertaining and worthwhile distraction, but if it happens regulalry it becomes the normal - never a good thing. Life is creative, life is beautiful, life is tragic, but most of all it is worth taking the time to see and enjoy. Face it - every moment in the world only happens once. How many regrets will you have when you are moving on to the next realms ?

As far as bloodsucking vampires vs monsters destroying all around us I say this: It is in human nature to destroy. First rule of the universe is that destruction is easier then creation. Lack of forethought is hurting the world. I don't mean in the environment or the economy but in our relationships. Haven't you ever noticed that the world is easier to deal with when you are happy ? Shouldn't that be what we are focused on acheiving as a society - not the quest for money to spend on things we don't have the time to enjoy because we are too busy working to afford them (doesn't anyone else see the irony in the day to day situation?) ?

Now, this might sound oddly positive and cheery coming from me but we are not all doomed from the outset.

Just most of us.

(insert chuckle hear for the audio challenged)

We are a very dangerous creature. Socially and physically wee hurt each other all the time whether we mean to or not. More thick skin is needed, and more positive outlooks (yeah yeah....practice what you preach I know....).

Oh, and in closing - I prefer a variation of the old saying you referenced about " that which does not kill you ". The one I know goes something like this "That which does not kill you has made a tactical error".


BbbiBabyGirl 46F

1/6/2006 10:59 pm

Damn I love how your mind works Tej....That's why we make such good friends.

*If people are doomed (most of the time) to destroy the ones they love the most and hurt people....why do we get invovled in the 1st place?
*Do we believe we must be in a relastionship to be happy?
*Are we afraid of being alone and unloved?
*IS it because we are expected to by the main stream of society?
*Do we need to have someone to share apart of our lives with?
*IS there some sort of pychological brain-washing that says we must or we are nobodys?

PS...I'm not looking for a man to drink, bar hop and dance also I like your thinking (yes I know I've said this before) Life is creative, life is beautiful, life is tragic, but most of all it is worth taking the time to see and enjoy. (Sounds like a Shakespear play)
Anyhow, I like men who can get into my mind and under my skin.
I kinda like the idea of your soulmate is the person who sees you for the warts and all, cares anyhow,excepts you for who u r without trying to change u, gets under your skin and irritates and frustrates you, but also makes you feel alive and euphoric at times. Life is about mixed emotions. If it wasn't we would be bored as hell and never learn a thing....the brain would be a machine and all of us without emotion.

NewJackSwing 43M

1/10/2006 2:37 pm

I don't know how you answer this really since this is a little beyond what I routinely delve into. But being the good sport that I am (and so Bi doens't bug me about how I haven't signed her blog! *lol*) I shall try my best.

To me, the concept of spmeone being your soulmate means that they are perfect for you in so many facets. You know, the person who can finish your sentences even as you finish them, someone who just makes you feel at ease and someone who you share so much in common with that you just can't deny that you're just great for one another. Yes, there has to be that point where no matter how much they may irritate you still love them at the same time while they do it. It's that undeniable "connection" between you both that it's unbreakable.

It's like what Bi said, your soulmate won't make you change who you are ... not one thing. Sure suggestions will be made if it's say, well, a bad hair style and to get rid of it but they won't ask you to change one piece of who YOU are. It's all about that connection you made and what made you fall in love with that particular person.

Just my thoughts and nowhere near as deep pertaining to vampires and monsters but mine nonetheless!

Tejinashi 45M

1/17/2006 12:11 am

>Damn I love how your mind works Tej....That's why we make such good >friends.

(bows) Thank you - I think....

Most people seem (at least in my experience) to no tbe happy unless they have something to complain about. Perhaps I have an overly negative view of the world. Everyone ( I do mean everyone _ holds that hope deep down inside that "maybe this time it won't hurt".
We do have a wonderfull ability to delude ourselves into some interesting opinions and situations sometimes.

2)Many times I have only found any measure of happiness ( or possibly it was fullfillment) in the company of others. Problem is, I'm not the most talkative person until I get drinking. Probably a self image thing.(oops - there the cat goes running from the bag again)

3) Here's the biggy - are we afraid of being alone ? I'll reserve this answer till friday at the party. I think I need to be speaking in my usual semi-rant mode to exaplin my opinion on the two most powerfull ( and only ) driving emotions in the human psyche.

Life is absolutely worth the effort.

Otherwise mankind would have given up millenia ago.

I'm glad you like people that can get into your mind and under your skin because it is alot of fun doing so. Soulmates can be dangerous in many ways - and not always destined to be togethor forever. Times, goals, destinies can change.

Remember that love cannot be killed, yet it can die from neglect, abandonment, and abuse. These are things I wish nobody in the world would have to endure ever again.

(waxing philisophical again and getting a drink)

Tejinashi 45M

1/17/2006 12:23 am

hey Jack-
Thinking something is beyond your knoweldge does not neccesarily mean you don't have a valid opinion.

Vampires are simply a point BbbiBabyGirl and I have been discussing for awhile ever since I introduced myself to her neck...

Problem is that her neck is too damn inviting.

(that, btw is a vampire smiley.)


P.S. - just to prove I am not totally morose, but do have a funny bone I bring you:
Homer Simpson the smiley command

BbbiBabyGirl 46F

1/17/2006 7:57 am

And I enjoyed every last micro-second...correction Nano-second of it my vampireistic friend......omg...I can't help it...the seductive hypnotic eyes, the dark alluring hair, if vampires where more than a metaphor...Tej would be one....

I read once that vampires were a metaphor for sex....its all about the hunting and preying, the seduction, finally the posession and then devouring before moving on to the next prey.......hmmmmm....I'm a willing damn inviting neck is available anytime you want to sink your teeth upon it and bite

Tejinashi 45M

1/18/2006 1:23 am

anytime ?

keep your friday night open for me then perhaps ?

afterall, I've even been growing the nails again for you....


p.s. to anyone else listening; demonstrations of what her and I are referring to regarding necks is possible, but must be asked for nicely

BbbiBabyGirl 46F

2/6/2006 9:59 pm

and when asked for nicely, and done right....ohhhhhhh ya......same advice for nails too

redmustang91 57M  
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5/27/2006 1:42 am

People are as happy as they chose to be in my view. Vampires are monsters to most people. Many people are negative and suck out your joy. Avoid those people! Better people try to improve the world and help their friends. Spend more time with the helpful people and your life will improve! Sorry I make it sound so easy, but in my view it is.

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