What a great date  

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7/21/2005 5:06 am

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What a great date

She had been having a really bad day, thank goodness it was about over. Just then, Jeff walked in. This brought a small smile to her face. She liked Jeff, she didn’t know him very well, but he seemed like a nice guy. He sat down, and they began to talk. Just chit chat. How their days had been. Stuff like that. He was easy to talk to; she was comfortable around him.

Her shift was over, it was time to go. They both knew it, but neither looked forward to going home to an empty houses. Jeff suggested they get something to eat. She thought not a bad idea, she getting a little hungry. They tried to talk at dinner, but it was just more small talk. Their minds were not on conversation. They each had problems they wanted to forget. She was not wanting to think about how lonely she had been lately. He not wanting her to think he was just trying to get in her pants.

She like so many other women just wanted to be loved. To find that one person who makes her heart skip when they walk into a room. To have that person that knows you better than you know yourself. That person that loves you no matter what your faults are. Someone who after a day like today will just take you in their arms and make all the troubles go away. Where are they, and why can’t she find them.

He could not tell her how he longed to hold her. To enjoy the smell of her hair, as he gently kissed the nape of her neck. How he desperately wanted to feel her breast pressed against his chest. How he longed to stare into her eyes during the after glow of their love making.
These things he kept to himself. Jeff knew that she did not feel the same way about him.

She enjoyed being with Jeff. He was always a gentleman around her. He wasn’t always trying, like most guys, to get her in bed. He seemed to genuinely care about her. Knowing this made her feel, a little better. The loneliness wasn’t quit so painful, when Jeff was around.

Jeff could see how tense Holly was. After dinner he suggested a drink at his place. She trusted him so why not. As she was getting comfortable, Jeff began to rub her shoulders, Holly told him how good it felt. She felt the day’s tension start to ease, and she started to relax. When Jeff suggested a full massage she said great.

He handed her a pair of his gym shorts, and a towel. When she came out of the bathroom in only his shorts, and the towel loosely wrapped around her, his heart skipped a beat He told her to lay face down on the bed. She willingly obliged. She let the towel fall to her sides. As she felt the warm oil, and his soft but firm touch, she began to drift off into that place of total relaxation.

His hands seemed to be reading her mind, for as soon as she wanted his touch in a certain area, his hands were there. He had the hands of a master magician. Magically making all stress go away. He worked from the top of her neck to the soles of her feet. Holly never knew when he stopped, she was asleep.

She woke up to his gentle nudging her. She was in bliss. For once her muscles did not ache, and her skin was warm and alive because of the oils and his touch. He led her to the bathroom where she found candles burning, and a bathtub full of hot steaming bubbles. She soaked for what seemed like hours. She could not remember the last time she felt this relaxed.

She called to him, asking if he had a shirt she could borrow, as she walked out of the bathroom he was standing there with a shirt in hand. When she took the shirt from him, their hands touched. His hand was so warm. With gratitude for what he had done for her, she leaned up to kiss him. Just a friendly kiss of thanks. What happened next she would spend weeks trying to figure out.

When their lips met it was like she had been struck by a bolt of lighting. Every nerve in her body was now on fire. She could not pull away. What started as a friendly kiss was turning into a passion filled hunger for this man to touch her in ways she had never been touched before. She did not understand where this passion came from. The more she kissed him, the stronger the longing became. She could not tear herself away from him, even if she wanted to. As they pressed against each other, she could feel him start to grow. He matched her passion at every turn.

He could not believe this was happening. The woman that he longed for was in his arms passionately kissing him. Was he dreaming? Things like this so not happen to him. All the desires he had for this woman came rushing to the surface. Would he be able to control himself? Probably not, but why try. His dream was coming true. As he wrapped his arms around her, she leaned into him even more. There was no way to hide the growing effect she was having on him.

As he held her she could feel the warmth of his arms through the towel that still covered her body. With every passing second she could feel him growing harder. She had to have this man. She longed to feel his naked skin next to hers. She still could not understand. Why him, why now? She did not know, or care. She just wanted him to feel him deep inside her. Every time their tongues touched, it started a wave of passion that seemed to go straight to her growing nipples. What felt like a soft towel just a few moments ago, now was like sand paper against her now hardening nipples. She let the towel drop to the floor. She stood before him, feeling the intensity of his eyes on her naked body. She could feel the moistness growing between her legs. The anticipation of him inside her was unbearable. Her pussy was screaming for his touch.

He gazed at the beauty that stood before him. He could not wait to touch her soft breast. He wanted to feel the hardness of her nipples on his tongue. He craved the taste of her pussy, more than he has ever wanted another woman before. He stands there for what seems like an eternity. Then he moves to her and begins to kiss her again. This time tenderly, at first, then growing with intensity. Their tongues dance as one. He moves his kisses to her neck. He nibbles on her ear. She sighs. He ever so softly bites the top of her shoulder. Not able to control himself any longer. He leads her over to the bed, and lays her down.

This man is incredible; he knows her body better than she knows herself. His touch is just right, her body is responding in ways it has never done before. She can feel the moisture running down her thigh. He lays next to her, kissing her shoulder, her neck, covering her with tender kisses. His hand ever so softly caresses her breast. His fingers tips graze her nipples, sending electricity throughout her body. Holly closes her eyes, and just lets the pleasure engulf her body.
His kisses stop. Her mind cries out, NO Don’t Stop, but her voice only manages a small whimper. Then she feels his hot breath on her nipple, as he takes it into his mouth. The warmth of his body soaks into her cool skin.

He is tender at first, and then more intense as his hunger grows.
He can not believe that this goddess is here with him. His only goal is to please this woman. As he sucks on her firm breast his hand begins to rub the inside of her thighs. He can feel the heat radiating out of her pussy. It’s almost like its on fire. He is careful not to touch her, he is enjoying teasing her. He pulls away from her breast, but only for a moment. He kisses all over her stomach and her upper thighs. He ever so slowly moves lower. Just as he reaches the top of that soft mound of downy fur he stops. He goes back to her breast and starts all over again.

His teasing her is killing her. She desperately wants to feel his hot tongue inside her. She wants to feel his cool rough cheeks on her soft inner thighs. Does he not know what this teasing is doing to her? Of course he does, that is why he is doing it. She softly pulls the hair on his chest. He responds by giving her nipple a little bite. Not hard, just enough to cause a reaction in her. It does. She decides two can play this game. She rolls him over on his back. Now she is in charge. She removes his shirt, then his pants. The bulge in his underwear looks like some weird distorted tent. She laughs. He reaches up and tickles her, asking what is so funny? He rolls her back over. Only now his full weight is on top of her.

He breathes a sigh of relief. That was close. If she had touched him he may have exploded. He was not ready for that yet. Now he can start over where he left off. She can’t do anything but enjoy. He alternates between her breasts. Sucking on each one, harder and harder each time. She starts to squirm under him. He knows she is almost ready. He moves slowly down her body. Covering her with kisses as he goes. Finally she can feel his hot breath on the most sensitive part of her body. Her clit feels to her like it weighs a ton. She so much wants him to kiss it. But all he does is brush it once with his hot tongue. You BASTARD! She screams. He only laughs as he is kissing her inner thigh. He works his way down her legs. Where he kisses the backside of her knee. He continues down to her foot. Where he gently takes each toe into his mouth and suck on them. Then back up the other leg. She thinks maybe now she will get some relief. But no again he only brushes her soaked pussy with his tongue. Enough already MY TURN she says.

She rolls him back over. She returns the favor, by sucking on his nipples. He is afraid that with the slightest touch from her he will explode. She now explores his body, as he has explored hers. She pulls his underwear off. She starts to run her fingers all over his rock hard cock. She feels it move to her touch. She kisses all around his thighs and the base of the shaft. But refuses to take him where he wants to be. He can’t take it any more. He reaches down and effortlessly lifts her up till she finds herself almost straddling his head.

He can smell the sweet aroma of her very wet pussy. He can hold back no longer. He pulls her over his face. He buries his toung deep inside her. After about 30 seconds of his tongue inside her she starts to shake with her first orgasm in months. Not wanting to loose this feeling, but wanting something more. She turns around on his face. His tongue never leaves her pussy. He is licking her like an animal dying of thirst. In one motion she leans down and takes him into her mouth.

He feels the warmth of her mouth and stops for just a brief moment just to enjoy what she is doing to him. It feels so good to him that he knows it will not be long before she drains him dry. He feverishly attacks her pussy, determined to bring her over the edge at the same time. She feels his body start to twitch. She knows that he is about to come. She doubles her efforts and in no time she feels his body react. He is powerless to stop the tide of on rushing orgasm. He knows that she is in control; all he can do is enjoy. Which he does very much. But he knows that she is in for a big surprise.

She fells his body tense, she waits for what is about to come. She now knows why this man is so hungry for her. The volume of the present he has just given her, shows that it has been awhile for him. What she is not ready for is the fact that, not like other men he stays hard. In fact he doesn’t soften at all, if any thing he is getting harder. Such a pleasant surprise can not go without a return surprise.

She raises her pussy off his face. He is straining his neck to keep from loosing that sweet taste. A frown appears on his face, but is quickly replaced as she takes his rock deep inside her. She starts to move up and down, ever so slowly, then faster and faster. She can feel the rumbles deep inside her. She knows what is about to happen, she wants him deeper.
She is riding him so fast that her hair is flying everywhere. He reaches up, and caresses her breast, he gently pinches her nipples. That is all it takes, she is over come by wave after wave of convulsions, as her body is rocked with one big orgasm. She collapses on him in a heap. There lips meet in a tender kiss. She looks at him and says “Top That” He says I will the night is still young. By the way, what do you like for breakfast?'

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