From the Suite of the Hospital California....  

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8/6/2006 5:37 am

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From the Suite of the Hospital California....

The 'powers that be' {a.k.a. 'ptb'} here at Hospital California have ordered me to first find my 'Happy Place'. They didn't like it when I said that it sure as hell wasn't here! I mean, sure, brand new crayons, with a built-in sharpener to the box, is way cool...but it ain't home!

The 'ptb' have said that I have to undergo, and complete, a certain amount of 'therapy' and then proceed into starting my 'recovery'. I would like to know what they think I am 'recovering' from? The shrinkadinks here, well, first off they don't like being called that! They said that shock therapy would be an option but I have a lot of electricity in my body already, so they doubt it would help that much. My first question was to ask if they actually seriously still did that medieval crap!

Evidently the 'ptb' here don't like their 'authority' questioned... ... so, of course, I just absolutely find it impossible to 'resist' being...well, 'me'! That led to my comment that I already had the shirt...and it says, "Gone to my Happy back when I freakin' feel like it!". Why don't so called 'mental health professionals' have a sense of humor?

Okay, so they said that I would have to write something about a 'happy place', my favorite place, or somewhere like that...but they agreed that I could send things like this to this site until they decide if I'm 'obsessed' with blogging, the internet in general, or whatever else they come up with {including a certain Brit blogger I won't name again now, along with several other males of various types and levels of interest}. I have to write that essay...but I'm doing it BK way! Gawd, it's like being back in school! Anyway, here it is....

A favorite place is anywhere occupied by water because those places evoke so many emotions. One feels ties to a gentle, meditative mindset with the beauty surrounding such a life giving affirmation. They feel a link to their more primitive soul with the untamed wildness of the water's almost unstoppable forces. They feel a bond to that part of them which is cosmically connected to everyone else with the unity sensed to such an earthly energy.

When it rains down by a river, everything looks fresh and vibrant as if newly reborn. The rain and wind together literally breathe new life energy into the old trees struggling beneath their kudzu onslaught, into the terns' screeching searches for awakened water residents, and even into the algae encrusted supports of worn wooden docks. When the drops of rain turn to stinging needles nature exalts in its ability to weather all forces with bending trees, thirsting banks, and reclaimed borders. Closer in, small ponds are swirled into whirlpools and spread out to become coves and lakes.

Human monuments such as buildings, docks, and sometimes ourselves vainly try to survive what we could ultimately never win against. Gale force rains bring a furious beating to man and nature alike as water slamming down from above and beyond folds, rolls, and lashes the river into wild abandon. Further out, to the seas and oceans, the picture is repeated upon a much grander canvas. Ships that could dwarf a small city can only maintain their state of survival, not conquer the force of thousands upon thousands of feet outward and downward mocking man's attempts to control and overcome their environment.

Let the rains swell a river up to its banks {or higher} then notice how nothing but the rushing current seems to matter to objects once thought steadfast and immovable. Dams and bridges still stand yet have their presumed authority lessened to sight by their very isolation. The surging water is only diverted, not stopped, around a bridge's man-made aging concrete supports. A massive damming structure may hold back water temporarily, and only up to a certain point, but once through any restraints the teeming water is even more impatient, rougher and free again from its unfair confinement to gurgle and swirl over its true territories from the tiniest of trickles into the mightiest of torrents.

There are the nights so clear that forever shines down from the stars, reflected upon glassy, still liquid surfaces hiding the soft, never ending flows beneath; past meadows and forests and sprawling cities and sleepy little nowhere towns, into the oceans and seas again. Perhaps there is just a hint of a breeze, caressing gently across the face and coaxing a few lone tree leaves, a flower or two, and tall reeds to join the movement of spreading the scent of life to every atom on Earth.

Overcast days beside the water cloud the eyesight and the mind enough to let the stillness of a pretend semi-night temporarily change a scorching noontime into a sleepy awareness of warmth, calmness and contentment. Dusk brings the day's last rays of warmth intertwined with a quiet coolness into a final, whispered parting echoed by the muted rippling of the waters. Stars slowly appear like soft kisses upon the deepening darkness of both sky and waters, twinkling secret murmured suggestions of a new dawn sure to come which will reveal promises for new beginnings and the continuation of the cycle of life, all reflected and reconfirmed.

The most important sensations alongside the water are the feelings received of affinity and closeness to life's origins, the awareness of unspoilt natural beauty, and nature's resistance to the intrusion of destructive forces {such as fire, flood, drought, and humans}, and of the aloneness of being alive without being lonely. We are there beside water, but still surrounded by so many things and so much life. If we truly look we see what has always been as well as what has been renewed.

The glory and pure energy of being a part of something and of having something be a part of us as much as anything else known sometimes leaves us breathless, for deep inside we are aware and reverberate with the knowledge that human bodies are primarily water having the same percentage of chemicals as the waters themselves inside us. Perhaps we are drawn to so much more than a mere symbol that the water represents of nurturing, unstoppable, life giving energy but instead are trying to reunite our souls with that from which all life springs. The affirmation of life is all around us, in us, as everything melts and merges into and through one day after another, one season after another in their cycles, and one beginning after another, as the ponds and the rivers and the seas and oceans wind through and around and into all life.

That is my report for those overstuffed, underutilized brained shrinkadinks...which means I have either dazzled them with my brilliance, baffled them with my bullshit, or...will find myself going into total solitary confinement? According to them, they won't do the last thing...because since I supposedly have so many personalities...would it be solitary confinement?

rm_anacortes 74M
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8/6/2006 12:55 pm

Good luck!!!!!

Hope many blogites send POWER and energy to you!!!

brute472 74M
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8/6/2006 10:39 pm

After that trip to your happy place they will have to let you out my sweet as you are probably saner than the shrinkadinks in fact all of you are.

BaronessK 52F

8/7/2006 1:53 am

    Quoting rm_anacortes:
    Good luck!!!!!

    Hope many blogites send POWER and energy to you!!!
For power, a, you are well aware that we 'merely' have to connect or reconnect with the universe. Although I do like the human interaction in a more basic, down to earth form as well!

BaronessK 52F

8/7/2006 2:00 am

Last time I took that 'trip' to my 'happy place', brute dear...I was in college {in my 30's btw} and...the teacher refused to grade it...saying she was not 'qualified' to...and promptly handed the paper over to the head of the English Department! I told her to just go ahead and give me an 'A', worked for me...oh, and I so dazzled them with bull...that they didn't take off for the comma problems I seem to have! {What...I was supposed to say in my granddad's recliner in my grandmother's living room, about like the rest of them? Yeah...I could see myself writing that...not! }

funintheday2006 56M
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8/7/2006 9:59 pm

May I respectfully direct your commenters and lurkers here? BARONESSK IS SENTENCED, THE BITCH

BaronessK 52F

8/8/2006 12:58 am

A you comment wanked and whored...oh, good-oh show, old wanking whinging brit git!

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