Photoshoot Story cont  

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8/9/2005 4:10 pm

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Photoshoot Story cont

Once in my makeup, I went to the dressing room where I was put into a corset. I was laced up tight, The air out of my lungs left me and support of steel hugged my back and supported and pushed up my full large breasts. My kidneys intimately met my stomach, but it felt wonderful to be cinched in tight..

I felt strong, I felt sexy felt like nothing id ever felt before. I walked out to the set and everyones eyes popped.. a gasp of whoa.. and I felt powerful, desired. "boobs" was my nicname..I diddn't mind, I know how large my chest is, have fun..but cinched in a corset..they looked spectacular.

I took my mark and looked into the camera. I was a little tight/nervous at first, after a while iI settled down and started to flirt with the camera as tendrills of blonde hair rolled over my face.

I flirted, I smiled, I felt the moment, it was intoxicating. I watched the others watch me. I watched the excitement, and the undercurrent of erotic energy.

Once I was finished with that change I went into another more ..renissance in feeling...Now for my out of corset experience...The maker of the corset released my laces and I gasped a big breath of air and felt an unexpected rush..perhaps it was the blood blow returning to my extremeties...but I liked it...I felt like I belonged. Ok..time back to makeup for a touch up, new hair...

My assistant was smiling and attentive to my needs.. hey what a good job he had..hangin out with a bunch of corset models... lol

So the makeup artist applies peacock feathers to my eye, making me look more exotic, and hair upswept for the exotic look. ALl you could foucus on was my eyes, which was saying a lot as my chest was popping out and entering the room 5 minutes before I did.

Another round of photos enuses. Another gasping out of corset experience.. My changes for the day are done. They want me to come back for another day...I left the shoot drained, from the tight energy, and knowing I did well, but the bunny magic, that last bit diddnt surface.. I knew I had to regroup and find my Bunny mojo. I wanted to kill it for the last day.

So with my trusty assistant, suggests we go to the san diego beaches... Off we go to recharge the blonde crusader and chat about the day.

(pic not me..still processing mine)

Barbiebunny69 43F

8/10/2005 1:14 am

Humm a Carrot Margarita.Honni you are onto something u wiley wiley bohemian U

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