PhotoShoot "Im ready for my close up Mr DeMille"  

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8/5/2005 6:20 pm

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PhotoShoot "Im ready for my close up Mr DeMille"

We arrive on time to the photshoot. I quickly finish up thank you cards for the staff (ya im a classy dame that way --they work hard) a bit of excitement was building, A big grin on my face..I get to do some thing FUN!

Im almost all woken up by the adreneline and rockstar drink I pounded on the way. Hippity HOP!

My Assistant grabs my bags and in that moment i realized... Girls, dont marry a man that u expect him to pamper you.. Hire a hot assistant to travel with you. Ive been goin at this love business ALLL WRONG.

Supervixen ALERT!
I walk in where the dresing area is with a happy smile on my face..I said my hellos and got the second to the last diva time call (last) so it was already in progress. A beautiful busty african american model was shooting corsets at the time in a brocade and matching skirt--HOT..This is gonna be good.

I jump into the hair stylists chair and get my hair curled. All wavy.. I check out the other girls and im really proud to be on this shoot. These women are from size 2 to 20, all ethnicities, all outstadingly beautiful and sexy.
I wish every shoot/ magazine could be like that. This company already has my respect philosophically as well as making an outstanding product.

Still there was an undercurrent of nervous gunslingers in a saloon at high noon. Everywoman checking out everyone else. Looking deeply into each other yet saying nothing. To break up the tention..I exclaimed, "how beautiful you all are in your own way" that seemed to relax the atmosphere a little.. and of course chatting up everyone to get their stories..Im just curious like that.

You see, I think competition amoung women is silly stupid and petty, and I try to diffuse it, for I know women are marvelous creatures if they can escape that self-doubt jungle.

Round of makeup goes on, the photographer isn't digging the sweet pure innocent face. My first change is against my pale skin with a southern US flair. (have to be careful not to divulge company secrets)He looks deep into my eyes, winks at me.. instructs the makeup artist to go for the brilliant blue-greens to make my eyes pop. I smiled widely..this guy IS GOOD. We both giggle at each other. This is gonna work.........

(to be continued)

Barbiebunny69 43F

8/9/2005 7:35 pm

Hunni thanks i think ure the only one so far to be keeping

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