PART 4: Pics, Hot Bunny Holes n Bustin Nutz.  

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6/12/2005 8:45 pm

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PART 4: Pics, Hot Bunny Holes n Bustin Nutz.

PART 4 of the ongoing Squirrel Boy & Bunny saga...So, If ure just joining us, start back at bytechaser2 for part 1 & 3.

Sidebar story with the 15 year old kid Bytechaser referred to in his blog...

We are in flirty conversation on the bar patio..I caught a glimpse of someone peeking thru the decorative iron work that enclosed the patio...Was this what I thought I saw???..A young blonde boy peeking thru the iron ornamentation to catch a peek at me?

Now the iron fence feels like a cage at the zoo. Only we were the animals they were looking I spy carefully and continue my conversations with SquirrelBoy, solving the universes problems over shots of Patron..until I catch this boy a few times looking at my cleavage and I warmly smile at him...

Busted, he looks away into the group of 6 women inside the bar at the table, which we decided were Bi, because the alpha female was wearing wedge shoes. Rule of the universe: If u are over 5'3 and wear wedge shoes.. u got some Bi-ness goin on!

I tell my trusty sidekick what exactly is goin on..I lean over and quietly whisper to look ...(ya i wanted to flash him my breasts too )not to disturb the teen. In great James Bond fashion he smoothly looks (scores another point) and accesses the situation with a huge smile on his face..I could almost see in his eyes the reflection of him as the 15 year old remembering back to that time of life. That smile got me gushing.

Just innocent fun as I gently, carefully, flirting with this boy between stolen glances...and some big breasted blonde girl is gonna thank me for his attraction in about 5 years! Ahh being a tool of the universe even on a weekend Zen....just as this was happening naturally something broke this moment in time..

SquirrelBoy's eyes enlarge and gazes over my shoulder...Ok hes spotted someone hot.. so I turn around to peek... I see the cutest little blonde girl running down the stairs in her jammies (wtf..its nearly 1 am!) and totally BUST UP laughing... I dunno if it was all the sexual energy or what...but if the kids are roaming free this late its time for US to get outta here!!!

We walk back to the elevator drinks in hand as we cross a bunch of teens on grad nite..literally. Barley legal.. hot girls and boys..and the bar is now closed we have huge drinks in both our hands and a bottle of wine back at the suite..

Whoop whoop DANGER Will Robinson!***VERRY EVIL THOUGHTS*** as they ask where they can score some drinks... We look at each other like wolves licking our chops....and at the same moment as we continue forward motion to the elevator so we don't get ourselves in trouble with the moral police & telling them to have a good evening and grinning between each other....

THAT was WAY TOOOO EASY..and besides Superheroes don't do that kind of stuff...Even sex crazed nymphos like us..gotta have an honor code as warped as it may be!

By now we're BOTH about to explode as we get inside the elevator..poor Squirrel Boy spills the drinks (party foul) on his shoe hes shaking sooo bad with the biggest hard on ive ever seen.. U know girls when u can just FEEEL IT!

I move in and nibble his neck then tugging on his ear as the elevator goes up towards our floor. We ravage each other not trying to spill the drinks and I secretly hoped someone would be standing there when the doors opened to see us lusting after one another...alas, that was not to be..but back to the den of iniquity for us...

We set our drinks down, passionately kiss, rub up against each other in pure animal fashion...Squirrel boy grabs his camera.. CLICK!

A round of sexy picture taking sprinkled in with giggles and a modeling show of the sexy new corset and matching g-string ensues. I really have no idea how he got naked so fast or even in bed for that matter..I literally turned around and found him there prone and ready to go..faster than greased lightening I swear!

I stalk him like a jaguar on my hands and knees(hiss... rowwr)from the foot of the bed to onto straddling him never breaking eye contact..I slightly bend over at the waist and put his face and nose between my huge tits..He confesses hes never been with someone that has large breasts (yaya 38F as in freeekin huge) like me.
Oh huny ill have U confessing to a lot of things shortly..licking my lips..

I kiss him deeply as I grab his monster hard cock ( yes its larger then it appears!) and my nipples stiffen.. he undoes the hook and eye closures of my corset just enuff to expose all of my breasts and nipples. I tell him to lick, nibble, suck and bite them until they are so sensitive I cream with just a breath on them.

I tell him to unwrap me like a present.. I expose my back to him..making him unlace every inch of my corset and lick and kiss every station he unlaces ...licking my spine..biting my neck sending shivers to my creamy pussy... making my hips automatically move my round ass into the air...Im in bunny bliss...he presses his hot cock up against my ass to tease me...once im unlaced he flips me over and kisses my inner thighs until he reaches my very wet kitten with his amazing tongue...
**Jeopardy music plays...Sorry cant get into too much more specifics I gotta keep something special between us.. needless to say..4 hours later..we collapse with the naughty teddy bear in warm drifting slumber....until i awake the next morning***...and....bytechaser2 Yes there IS A PART 5! (and back here for part 6 and wrap up!)

purejoy4fem 46F/44F
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6/13/2005 3:47 pm

Why does it have to end, the soaps don't and we have plenty of bon bons

EroticallyRapt 55M
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6/13/2005 6:06 pm

Fun, fun, and more FUN! I'm off to part 5!!


ByteChaser2 53M

6/13/2005 7:14 pm

Movie rights? Now seeking venture capital in our impending *night-time* soap series!!! Any takers???

Come on... we need a production engineer, camera operator, animal trainer... Big assed bouncer to keep the maid from barging in!!! *remember that little episode bunz*???

Ahhh food for another blog post

Barbiebunny69 43F

6/14/2005 12:50 am


Damn i dont think she even said that.

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6/24/2005 11:21 am

Loving this story bunzy.

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