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4/17/2005 6:09 am

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U know that "IT" its something that u cant quite put your finger on..but drives u madly wild. The hot erotic energy of a picture, a sound or moan, the look of someone as they walk by.

Pulsing you are on the inside wishing to never be found out..or even worse trying to figure out how to express it without being reprimanded.

Do you want it...Do you have it?? Can u quantify it???

Most of all can u explain it?

Make me feel "electric"?

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4/22/2005 9:20 am

Trapped In A Convent

A young man traveling the European countryside finds shelter during a sudden storm at a secluded convent.

The tradition of this convent is that once every 100 years on All Hallows Eve the Sisters are allowed to indulge in their deepest sexual desires, but must not be with a man. They may be with each other however.

The young man has stumbled on this convent on the very Eve in question.

Develop the fantasy from there.

(is that naughty enough for you)?

Barbiebunny69 43F

4/30/2005 7:36 pm

The young man stumbles into the main courtyard with a grand fountain. Hes taken aback at what he sees. Young women are on their knees ankles and wrists tied with leather and gagged with their heads down and supple red behinds presented in the air as the dominant head mistresses place a peacock feathered arse plug into the awaiting asses of the young girls and he can hear the whimpers of pain and delight...while he glances over his shoulder and sees a giant stone alter being prepared by the n red velvet draped over the stone fluttering in the breeze..Large red candles in thick baroque gold candleabras tower over the altar and line the old cobblestone walkway that leads down to the quarters of the head mistresses.....(to be continued)

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5/5/2005 2:55 am

thru the afternoon rains the nubile inductees on their knees were told to get up and line the walkway with their breasts jutting out with the perfect fertility curve of the back. Their torsos were slightly curved as their new ass tails were shown towards the walkway..the pose itself was a torturous pleasure of fullness as they waited. 8 women dressed in red nun gowns floated across the walkway superising evey detail and they would crack the nipples of the young new nuns if they were ever so slightly out of place, altho judging from the stream of wetness running down their leggs they secretly desired it.

The Bells rung in the chapel with the warning bells of the impending ceremony. Groups of robed females began to enter the courtyard from the north south east and west..each group wearing diffferent technicolor glittering robes. The fountain water turned color--a blood red...the full moon was about to rise on the horizon and a stiff thock feeling pulsed through the air....(to be cont)

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