A Good Friend Backwards  

Barbiebunny69 43F
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5/3/2005 6:21 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A Good Friend Backwards

A strange phenom has been happening. I meet people here, chat with them a but and have no idea WHY i have this feeling about then that i really like them--even no meeting for a while..

So i sit and watch the daily dramaland of AdultFriendFinder meander..and then u see a few things. You see her stand up for someone...fun cute remarks that hint of her intelligence....then we meet face to face and feel like long lost sisters. WE share our stories , cry a tear and realize that this amazing woman that gave me a moment was going to be a best friend for a lifetime if I had any say in it. Its a lot like reading a back of the cover of a book and reading backwards. NEW to me..But ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL..I learned how to make a friend backwards.

rm_RandomXS2 62M
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5/3/2005 8:09 pm

OH Bunny!!! One of the things I love about AdultFriendFinder is that I've "met" a bunch of people who feel like "Old Friends I've not known very long." I didn't make the list (and I'm a touch hurt)...is it that I don't own the right equipment????

Barbiebunny69 43F

5/3/2005 11:52 pm

Random im in a wrestling fight and were foes..so that would blow kayfabe man..ill put up a revised list after the match

TouchMeThere66 51F

5/5/2005 6:27 pm

Yea!!!!!!!!!!!! A Blazin VICTORY list......

Gurlieeeeeeeee...you got my heart-strings and.....OHhhhhhhhhh...you play that tune so beautifully!!!

I Luv ya more and more everyday and today, feels like the day after tomorrow!!

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